10 Budget Family Dinners

Making the most of the grocery budget is a top priority for many families right now as the cost of living crisis is pinching those pennies even harder. A bag of pasta, a filling serve of nutritious and delicious rice – these yummy family dinners take what’s already in your pantry to help stretch your grocery shop even further. Cheaper proteins and lots of satisfying veggie dishes helps too. Plus, they’re easy to double so you can prep ahead to save time and money. Head to taste.com.au to find our favourites.

Healthy Mexican fried rice

A few fresh ingredients like avocado, coriander and lime make all the difference. This one will become a family fave.

Creamy French onion chicken pasta bake

Remember Mum would always have a packet of French onion soup powder in the pantry for quick yummy family meals? This chicken dinner is a real winner, winner. Cheap and delicious.

Irish stew

This traditional favourite can be prepped in a slow cooker or in the oven. Savoury and satisfying!

Stuffed baked sweet potatoes

These stuffed baked sweet potatoes are a healthy and low GI dinner packed with cheesy goodness.

Harissa vegetable and egg tray bake

Good value, easy to prepare and above all, super tasty, this tray bake is a cracking dinner idea.

Chicken drumsticks with ratatouille risoni

Get in my belly! This future family favourite is packed with veggies and flavour.

Creamy sausage stroganoff pasta bake

Sausages go fancy with this creamy stroganoff pasta that’ll be on the table in under an hour.

Rice-stuffed butternut pumpkin

This stuffed butternut pumpkin makes the perfect veggie dinner or side dish.

10-minute cheesy salmon rice bake

Have dinner on the table lickety-split with this easy cheesy baked rice dish that utilises a number of cheats – canned salmon, frozen veg and jarred sauce.

Chicken sausage meatball parmigiana

Chicken parmigiana meets sausage meatballs in a rich tomato sauce with lashings of cheese… Its always better with cheese!

For more recipes head to taste.com.au