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When Calls the Heart transports viewers to the utopian Hope Valley, a dreamy little fictional town, located in the Canadian West. In the heartwarming series, the characters experience life’s joys and challenges as they build a community on the frontier. While many of the stories are timeless, the show is firmly rooted in the early 20th century. Characters encounter new technology like cars and telephones, and, of course, they dress in the fashion of times. Costume designer Barbara Gregusova is the person responsible for each character’s look.

The clothing worn by Elizabeth Thornton and other characters isn’t always historically accurate, but that’s a deliberate move on the part of the show’s producers, who explained to Gregusova when she was hired for season 3 that they wanted a more ‘stylised’ approach going forward, rather than one that hewed closely to the time period. The result of this hybrid approach is costumes that evoke the period, but also fit seamlessly within the Hallmark brand, with brighter colours, lower necklines and a more modern approach to make-up and hair.

Season 1 Elizabeth v Season 9 Elizabeth

Barbara has described how clothes are often bought ‘off-the-rack’ and altered. With fashion in 2023 being very much ‘anything goes’, just how easy is it to find yourself your own ‘Hope Valley’ style? I decided to take a look to try and find easily accessible and fairly affordable options for dressing for Hope Valley, but in a way that I could enjoy WCTH style in a modern way. Bonus, nearly everything I looked at is in end-of-season sales!


Okay, so ‘Hope Valley’ is in Canada, so one could expect characters will need a coat every now and then, and even though it does seem to have Summer-Bay-esque eternal sunshine, occasionally someone is wearing a very snazzy jacket.

Elizabeth’s pastel palette contrasts with Rosemary’s vibrant colour choices

A quick look around revealed several promising options for lovely coats that evoke Elizabeth’s soft, quiet tones, and also Rosemary’s penchant for the dramatic and bold colours.

Elizabeth loves a bit of lilac so how about this single breasted number on sale at Gorman

This bright pink coat with lapel pockets from Portmans would have Rosemary in a flap!

For something a little more neutral, how about this double-breasted number from Sussan. Even better, its only $70!


This item of clothing is naturally one of the most seen and therefore most scrutinised item of clothing the ladies wear. They are always beautifully made and decorated with delicate lace, pearl buttons, intricate embroidery, interesting collars or sleeves and silky ribbons.

Blouses are the stars of the show!

So. Many. Options. It seems feminine is IN and with an abundance of floaty sleeves, lace and pretty colours and prints, the options for Hope Valley dressing are endless.

This simple yoked blouse from Sussan has eternal style.

Another Sussan top with yoke detail and balloon sleeves that wouldn’t look out of place at all if you were shopping at Yost’s Mercantile, or having a cup of tea at Abigails.

This stunning blouse is from Sheike and definitely has Hope Valley vibes.

I think Rosemary would love this hot pink shirred cuff blouse with all those lovely covered buttons. It’s from Sussan too.

Elizabeth would approve of this broderie anglaise number from Portmans.

Okay, hold the phone, this stunner from Witchery has pintucks, cutwork lace inserts, frilly yoke and puffy sleeves!

Last one. This pretty top with lace yoke and shoulder inserts also has floaty blouson sleeves with elasticised cuffs. From Forever New.


But what to wear them with all these gorgeous blouses?! The Hope Valley ladies will rock a long a-line or column skirt and these are a little bit harder to come by at the local shopping centre. Here’s a couple of options that offer a vintage vibe.

This bias cut midi skirt from Sussan offers a suitably simple line.

A pretty pleated knit skirt from Portmans would do the job too.

How about this column maxi skirt from Sportsgirl. Ooh, would look great with that Witchery blouse! Or the Sheike one with the bow. Love that top!

One item of must-have clothing this season that would also fit right in a WCTH look is the Palazzo pant. These ones are from Witchery.

Accessorise Me!

Jewellery and shoes!! Always a very important part of their ensemble are the earrings. Rosemary, Elizabeth, Faith, and Florence are fans of the drop and even Molly is no stranger to a dainty stud.

Whether it’s an elegant drop or a subtle stud, the ladies’ lobes are always well dressed.

Here’s a couple of gorgeous options I found on Etsy, always my go to for interesting and unique items.

I think Rosemary would LOVE these art deco styled gems. Check them out on Etsy HERE.

These Victorian style green opal drops are my choice for Elizabeth. Have a look HERE.

When it comes to shoes, we don’t see their feet very often. Just a glimpse of a practical boot. The shoes we have seen most belong to fashion-forward Fiona with her shorter skirts that caused such a scandal when she first came to town.

Fiona’s fancy footwear

Here’s a few vintage inspired finds on Styletread that wouldn’t look out of place if you were having dinner at the Queen of Hearts or dropping into Coulter Enterprises to order some lumber, but look equally stylish in 2023.

I can see Faith wearing these. Or Elizabeth. Or me. Take a look HERE.

These are soooo Rosemary! Check them out HERE.

Love the colour! I can see Fiona wearing these. Click HERE to have a look.


Speaking of Fiona, I thought I’d finish off our little fashion fantasy with a tribute to Hope Valley’s resident rule-breaking, girl-boss and source some items to recreate her fun motorbike riding outfit from season 8.

This one!

‘Cigarette’ pants from H&M to start. Find them HERE.

Add a cute little double-breasted trench from Uniqlo.

And finish off with these amazing boots from Styletread.

So there you have it! Are you a When Calls the Heart fashion fan? Have you ever rocked a Hope Valley Vibe. Share your pics in our Aussie Hearties Facebook Group.

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Images from the show and from Gorman, Sussan, Portmans, Sheike, Sportsgirl, Forever New, Witchery, Styletread, H&M, Uniqlo and Etsy.

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