Ep 12 recap – When Calls New Beginnings

BY: Rach Kayrooz

It’s the end of season 10! But where do I begin?

While the Hearties have been up in arms with Team Nathan and Team Lucas reignited, another player has emerged on the field – Team Elizabeth. The narrative has consistently been played out as to ‘who will she choose?’ however we are now left wondering if she will, indeed, choose to take some time out from all this romance and, as a forward-thinking woman of the 1920’s, choose herself (even if for a few episodes at the very least!)

Although… one can’t help but wonder if Elizabeth will act on those lingering looks with Nathan by confessing her true feelings.  It’s going to be a challenge to withhold from any future spoilers coming from the set of season 11 across the ocean!

And now, for our season finale…

It’s been 3 weeks since Lucas left for a bigger stage – Broadway.  But Elizabeth looks to be coping very well.  Is it because there’s a handsome Mountie in the wings?

The election occurs on the same day as the Bouchard-Thornton wedding, with everyone tip-toeing around Elizabeth, including her students.  They all want to be mad at Lucas (did I see Mike drawing a moustache and bunny ears on Lucas’ election poster?) but as Elizabeth says, sometimes people aren’t meant to be married, they’re meant to be friends.

Elizabeth will no longer have her cake and eat it too, in the matter of all things Lucas

Rosie and Lee are planning Goldie’s Baptism and asking Henry to be her godfather.  Lee encourages Rosie to look past his ‘cantankerous’ character, to the wisdom gained through lived experience, and his new gentleness that comes from recognising what is truly important. Henry doesn’t feel he’s the right choice as godfather, but it’s a beautiful moment as Lee says he’s “the right man for the job.”  Witnessing the growth and changes in Henry as his heart softens and comes to God is heartwarming.

Nathan and Bill head to Benson Hills upon their mighty steeds, to see what the Pinkertons are up to, and for some male bonding time. When asked about Madeline, Bill declares, “it’s the life of a bachelor for me”, with Nathan replying, “it’s the life of a father for me.”  Avery so rightly shoots back, “it’s not exactly the same!”

Our Mounties looking for their love lives that were lost in the woods.

Rosie is hopping on the alliteration train yet again, with the “Bust the Ballot Box for Bouchard Committee”. 

Elizabeth notices Nathan hasn’t been around for several days, following their discussion as to whether Elizabeth was happy.  Thankfully, Rosie agrees with Nathan’s concern for Elizabeth.  Has Rosie joined the Team Nathan Committee?

Another moment of quiet counsel occurs between Henry and Joseph in the stables.  This support for Henry is a complete 360 from the days when he was a different man and the town had turned against him.

Mike almost fist-punches the air on Mei’s acceptance of a date.  Foraging at the Hot Springs for clay, mmmm, sounds romantic!

Get it together, Mike!

Lucas is sitting in the foyer of a 1990’s Sheraton, needing to hear that he still has Elizabeth’s support.  He confirms Elizabeth was right, he needs to do this and has found his calling.  It is cemented that this relationship has moved from engagement to friendship.

Ned’s latest invention is the election pin!  “I voted” will be on the collars of all Hope Valley constituents.  He made those on his Cricut in record time. 

Lucas requests that his radio speech be heard across the saloon.  He is passionate about stopping “the crooked Governor and his cronies”.  The smaller towns have unanimous support for Lucas, as do Elizabeth and Rosie, manning the polling booth and rallying FloMo to help find those who have yet to lodge their ballots.  They further implement the outstanding idea of utilising Rosie’s sewing skills to install more booths.   These two should be running the country!

“Oh, just tick Lucas’ name on all those!”

It’s nightfall, and Elizabeth is sitting on her front porch, surveying the stars, with an aura we haven’t seen from her previously.  She appears reflective and calm, engaging with Henry as he approaches the Coulter’s door.  This scene demonstrates a different perspective for two of our much-loved characters, coming to peace with the different seasons of their lives.

E: “You’ve taken responsibility, you’ve done everything you can.”

H: “It’ll never be enough.”

E: “That’s the point of forgiveness. Remorse is enough. And when you forgive someone, we find peace. It’s an act of grace. Henry, if they’ve forgiven you, let them. You owe it to them, and you owe it to yourself.  Say yes.  You’d make a wonderful godfather, and you and I both know we’d make a great team.”

H: “Thank you, Elizabeth, I appreciate your friendship.”

E: “I appreciate yours too.”

Joseph is being hard on himself in preparing his speech for the Baptism, stuck in his own thoughts, and thinking about Henry.  Minnie encourages him to rely on the Scriptures.

Mike is the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, running late for a very important date!  He hands a secret service briefcase to Lee who has offered to help take orders at the saloon.  Maybe it contains the good cutlery?

As the election booth closes, Elizabeth and Nathan are the last two to vote.  Elizabeth treats the booths like a confessional.  We watch expectantly, as he says, “Elizabeth” and she turns to face him, only to be greeted with, “goodnight”. 

Little Jack and the town are off to Goldie’s Baptism.  But where is Henry?  As Lee encourages, “have a little faith.”

It seems Henry couldn’t find a tie.  Or hadn’t done his washing.

The angelic voices of Angela and the choir give us ‘the feels’.  Joseph speaks off the cuff and from his heart, of God’s Love, the love of Hope Valley, and forgiveness.

Henry was really too busy feeding the horses to make it on time.
Look, Hearties, Goldie has some new clothes!

News arrives that ‘Buddy’ has won the election! Governor Lucas Bouchard fulfilled what he set out to do – save Hope Valley and all the surrounding towns, from the clinches of the corrupt Governor. The town dance the night away at the Saloon in celebration.

Meikam dancing til the wee hours of 9pm.

Henry shares some of his early childhood memories with Elizabeth, and the shame he still carries over the death of 47 of Hope Valley’s miners. He reflects on the absence of Abigail. “The view hasn’t changed from here, but I have.” Soon we see Henry arrive at the door of Abigail – we did not see that coming! Mic drop!

Avery is surprised by a visit from Madeline and Jamie. We are fairly sure there’ll be more surprises with Madeline next season!

Avery holding his ground with Madeline and ready to fine her for parking at the hitching post again.

In Capital City, someone known to Lucas confronts him, as he asks, “what are you doing here?” We just know something is going to happen!

Elizabeth is reflecting in solitude at Jack’s grave. Her fear of loving and breaking again, of letting go of Lucas and what could have been. Her heart still mourns her great love, Jack.

Elizabeth modelling the latest winter fashions from Portmans.

Nathan arrives by the river on horseback, and just as he and Elizabeth are about to share a precious moment, Avery arrives with the urgent news that something has happened to Lucas. As all three ride off into the sunset, we are left to wait for season 11, with our hopes and dreams for Elizabeth Thornton and the people of Hope Valley.

Memorable Quotes:

Lee to Rosie (about Henry): “He lights up whenever Goldie’s around.”

Elizabeth to Henry: “The truth is, you’re always trying to save people.”

Minnie to Joseph (about Henry): “You can’t change him any faster than he wants to change.”

Faith (to Fiona): “When does Mike ever make himself clear?”

Fiona (to Faith): “As clear as mud!”

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