Ep 2 recap – Mountie Surprise!

BY: Rach Kayrooz for GOOD.

As Elizabeth and Rosie leave for their workday, Robert is babysitting Jack and Goldie, ready to practice his barber skills and give little Jack a mullet.

Nathan’s birthday is coming up and Rosie suggests the town throw him a surprise party.  Elizabeth, hoping for a more intimate celebration, mentions the idea of a casual saloon dinner, but Nathan insists he’s “not a party guy”.


Young Cooper is showing Toby how to divide fractions in preparation for a career on Wall Street, whilst half the town are keen to talk to Lucas.

Ned invents the conference call, only to discover Lucas needs to sell the Saloon.  There’s talk of lumber, a prospectus, an ad, and Hope Valley’s own Lois Lane persisting for an exclusive on the arrest of Pike. 

Mike becomes worried about losing his job, so he seeks out Mei to do a crossword.  Bill circles the couple and continues his reference to ‘newlyweds’, scaring Mei away.  After licking his wounds, Mike tries again, only to have his potential girlfriend rush off nervously.  Poor Mike, wearing his heart on his sleeve, and Mei putting mud on it.

Lee forgets both his breakfast and lunch dates with Rosie, earning him the full name title “Leeeelaaaand Cooooulterrrrr!” It seems Rosie is more upset at missing out on Minnie’s scones, than Lee standing her up.

Faith is looking after Lily, adapting to fostering like a charm.  She implements Parenting Basics 101: ice cream and spinning stools, dress-ups, reading books, and calming Lily when she worries about her grandmother.  It seems motherhood is just what the Doctor prescribed!

Ally wants to go fishing for her dad’s birthday, when Elizabeth lets her in on the secret that Nathan is expecting a shindig.  He doesn’t want one, but Rosie has selective hearing for the words “surprise party”!

Lee discovers Mike has turned huge profits on the saloon with sandwiches and tours.  Hickam becomes the new Minister for Tourism and Instagram influencer for Wild Breads.

Elizabeth spots a rather large gnome in the garden, only to discover it’s Henry. He shares that Abigail wants him to be happy, so he’s back in Hope Valley where happiness and garden gnomes abound.

Uh-oh, Randall Rockwell has the scoop again!  Rosie is not a happy camper.  Ned advises her to get a source.  So she buys a bottle of ketchup.

Joseph is helping Minnie in the kitchen as she relays the worries of Hope Valley.  Here’s one couple who communicate well – will the Coulters need their advice?

Rosie perfects the scowl at Lee, as he proposes they purchase the Hotel.  Will the HV drama queen finally get her saloon stage? 

Little Jack is perfecting a drawing of Mountie Nathan, Ally, Elizabeth, and himself.  His mother seems quite pleased with the concept of the four of them together.

The town struggle to keep the party preparations a secret from Nathan, aghast that someone forgot to pick up the Jatz and dip at Woolies.

Rosie thinks Lee doesn’t want to share an office with her anymore, telling him to sleep on the lounge.  But Lee is wanting to delegate management of the Mill and Saloon, to spend more time with his family. It seems the way to Rosie’s heart is to construct a CSI detective board on the Pike case.

Bill questions Henry if Lucas said anything to him that may provide a clue.  Alas, ol’ Henry has his nose buried in a Gardening Australia book, mumbling something about horse manure.  Was that the clue?

The fish aren’t biting, but the father-daughter outing provides Nathan an opportunity to answer questions about Ally’s mum. We love these tender moments amidst the drama that’s building in season 11.

That evening, Nathan is dressed to the nines as the town surprise him in the Saloon with more than a ‘small gathering’. 

Rosie comments that Nathan looks happy, and Elizabeth can’t take her eyes off him.  Who could blame her?!

Lee and Rosie announce their investment in the Saloon, and in keeping Mike on as Manager. It’s just as I thought, Rosie mentions the stage!

Mike sees Mei being a wallflower, and as he approaches, she blurts out that  he’s everything she’s been wanting in a partner.  His response is to ask her for a dance. Maybe Nathan can pick up on that, and finally ask Elizabeth!

Our favourite teacher finds our number one Mountie hiding outside from his own party.  He pulls a coin from behind Elizabeth’s ear, as their moment is interrupted – AGAIN – this time by the singing of the townspeople.

They enter the Saloon to find Lucas upstaging the party.  Our Mountie looks worried, but Elizabeth’s giddiness around Nathan reassures us there is nothing to worry about – other than how many more episodes Hearties must wait before he kisses her! 

Memorable Quote:

“This story has so many holes, it may as well be an old pair of socks!” – Rosemary Coulter

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