Ep 4 recap – Lard and Labour

By Rach Kayrooz

Tourists are flocking to Hope Springs, allegedly to see local attraction Bill doing tricks on his BMX.

Elizabeth appears to be writing book number two, as Hope Valley await baby Coulter’s arrival, who is a week late.  Did someone forget to tell baby when opening night was?

Lee’s spicy food hasn’t brought the baby out.  Neither has worry.  Faith’s advice is to “stay active and walk around” – yeah, while carrying a 10-pound baby?! It seems Rosie is preparing for Survivor, whilst she’s trying hard not to smack Mike on the noggin for his comment on the obvious.

Another mysterious new stranger is lurking whilst Bill shows us his Lakers moves on the court.

Jack Jnr has been watching Monsters Inc as he scares Lucas, but is rewarded with the promise of parties.  

Lucas’ new outdoor setting is met with an unrequested review by Rosie which causes the baby to begin its escape as it can’t take any more of the dramatic flair.  Or it needs to find a dictionary for all the descriptive words that have made their way into the script this season.

Henry is fighting his allergy to horses by sniffing them.  Joseph reminds him that peace he feels is something he can have all the time, sans the horse-sniffing.

The new stranger has Nathan suspicious, as his offsider Scout detects a criminal on the run.  Or perhaps he’s just measuring the window for new curtains?  Nathan puts the clues together like Inspector Gadget and identifies this kid was the bandit who held up Faith’s carriage.  Faith gives Nathan… I mean, Scout… a dog biscuit as a reward.

The bandit tells a sob story to Faith, while Nathan mocks him and they pull the ‘good cop, bad cop’ scenario.  I feel a ‘second chances’ storyline coming…

Jack Jnr is asking about his dad and Heaven. He puts on Jack’s Mountie hat and I’m done. Elizabeth reminds her son that his father is always in their hearts.  And on Instagram.  

Rosie is waddling, I mean walking, and fed up, just as the baby announces its intended entrance.  She screams at Lee who begins to practice his traffic signalling, as every woman who has endured labour is now screaming along with her.  How she got into that car, we’ll never know.

Nathan declares “clear a path, people!” as Molly, Mei and Minnie cook up a storm in the cafe.  I think they heard Rosie scream for an epidural.

HRH Jamie joins the boys in basketball as Mrs St John joins Mike on the wagon to view the land she wants to buy.  It’s town land but, as a true deceiver, um developer, she wants to know everything about Bill and buy up all of Hope Valley.  Why can’t Mike and Bill see through her? They need Scout, the Dog Detective, on the case. 

Rosie and Elizabeth are talking about Christmas salami as Rosie looks like she’s just stepped out of Fiona’s salon.  It seems this is a typical Hallmark labour – once home, everything is fine, and you just lay in bed until the baby pops out.

The Yosts allow the bandit to work off the cans of lard he stole, because they’re good people and lard was 2 for a penny anyhow.

Joseph and Bill utilise 1 Thess 4:11 to talk Henry into community service.  If it means sniffing horses, he’s all in.

Rosie is so tired and can’t take labour much more. It’s been 11 hours and she needs Lee. He rushes to her side, and could we love him anymore at this point? He is the calm Rosie needed in the storm of labour.

Everyone arrives with their candles alight, and gather in solidarity for the arrival of baby Coulter.  At this point, I’m seriously out of Kleenex.

Faith announces the news we’ve been waiting many seasons for – the Coulters have welcomed a baby girl.  Elizabeth meets her goddaughter, given the middle name ‘Elizabeth’.  As Lee and Rosie whisper, she’s “their little miracle”.

Cooper and Toby welcome Jamie to school, as Lucas whinges about how hard it was to get Jack to bed without his Mountie hat.  Can someone tell him that you just let the kid go to bed, even if they’re wearing a spiderman outfit?  Elizabeth tells him love can’t be measured, contained, or used up, and it’s another heartwarming closing line for the show.

Best Quotes (about Rosie):

Nathan: “Let her know the whole town is rooting for her”.

Lee: “I have never felt this helpless”.

Elizabeth: “She’s a force of nature”.

Faith: “It’s a girl!”

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