Ep 9 recap – Rolling in the Deep

By Rach Kayrooz

In the week of the Hearties Family Reunion, Aussie Hearties have been excited to see photos from our friends on the Canadian set.  Whilst they’ve discovered a memento of 1920’s Australia, I’m secretly hoping they’ll leave a Bluey figurine at Elizabeth’s for little Jack, that will be captured on camera in season 11.

But in episode 9, the question remains, why is there a trestle bridge under construction?  And will the locals have to pay a toll?

The wedding is apparently 6 weeks away, who knew?  Not us!  Elizabeth is too busy playing detective with Nathan. They decide to tell Bill that Montague’s tradies allege they’re building a well, but nothing adds up – in matters of the heart, and in the Hope Valley building industry. 

Handyman Henry cleverly constructed a park, complete with swing and slide. Elizabeth can’t help but watch Nathan be a big kid, and chase Allie and Jack Jnr. Rosie points out his poor track record in love, but is it because his heart still lingers for Elizabeth?

Ned receives news via morse code (no thanks to the internet being down) that the Governor will be arriving early.  In bigger news, Goldie finally has clothes!  Rosie discovered online shopping and Lee’s Amex. 

Minnie’s food is still a hit. What may not be a hit is the EP Mike and Mei (‘Meickam’) are releasing, Bee Mine.

Our dear Rosie is panicked about the Governor’s prompt arrival.  She promised Bixby a choral performance of an original song, his first live speech on radio, a black-tie gala, a million dollars, a chance at the White House, and a Tesla.

Mr Mitchell revisits the Valley for a dip in the springs, til he sees the water is drying up.  Anyone else smell Montague’s involvement?  Or is that the sulphur from the springs? 

Bill finds Montague is digging a trench to the creek, Jamie’s library book arrives in the mail, and Hickam relays the secrets of Montague’s behaviour at the Queen of Hearts.  The threads are coming together. But where are Madeline and Jamie?

Scout has assumed his Chief Mountie post while Nathan heads to Rock Creek.   There is a stand-off with the Pinkertons and old farmer Clifford Stuckey.  Nathan interrupts to diffuse the situation and nominates himself as the new hostage.  Stuckey informs Nathan that Union City Holdings Company bought his land, and the Pinkertons were sent to kick him off, with Montague part of the company who bought him out. 

Lucas continues rolling French menu items off the tongue, whilst Gustav is throwing French words out of his, with poor Mike often on the receiving end.  Lee and Joseph prepare to build the bandstand in record time.

Mr Mitchell brings news to Lucas of the water disappearing and declares himself as Bixby’s ‘advance man’.  Then casually mentions that the Governor has requested a meeting with Lucas to discuss important men’s business, like products for well-coiffed hair. Or croissants.

Rosie’s dreams of Hope Valley having its very own stage may come to fruition, thanks to Henry and his team of Bunnings workers.

Florence shares news of a shoot-out at Rock Creek that sends Elizabeth into a panic for Nathan’s whereabouts and safety.  She races to the stables to find Newton gone. Henry arrives in time to reassure her our Mountie will be fine. As she declares, “I can’t do this again” in a drop-the-mic moment, Nathan returns.  Elizabeth running down main street to witness Nathan’s safe return was reminiscent of her running to Jack upon his homecomings.  Team Nathan, are we back?!

Henry can see Elizabeth either has trauma remaining from Jack’s passing, or emotions stirring for Nathan.  He breaks his rule of never offering unsolicited advice, encouraging our protagonist to give thought to her feelings.  She defensively says he’s mistaken, but Hearties can tell there’s more to this!

As Bixby arrives to hear the town choir and be greeted by a curtsying Rosie who mistook him for Prince William, the Hope Valley fearless leaders meet to discuss Union City Holdings.  UCH are responsible for the trestle bridges that are in fact aqueducts constructed to send water to Union City from surrounding towns.  Montague will surely send Hope Valley into drought!

As Mitchell ushers Bixby over to meet with Montague, we must ask, is the Governor a part of this deceit too?

Memorable Moments:

Lee, Elizabeth, and Joseph (to Rosie): “You’re a dreamer. A believer. A doer. There is nothing you cannot do when you put your mind to it.”

Rosemary (to Elizabeth): “Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good enough.”

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