Ep1 Recap – Love is in the Air!

BY: Rach Kayrooz for GOOD.

That recap had me at hello! 

Put on your bloomers and activewear Hearties, this opening episode is fast-paced! 

It’s the roaring 20’s and Election night in Capital City, where last season ended on two cliffhangers – who shot Lucas?  And will Nathan and Elizabeth’s interrupted moment be reignited?

Rosie and Lee are googling and speed dialling every contact for an update on their friend, the new Governor Bouchard.  Edwin is at the hospital, telling Elizabeth they pulled the bullet from Lucas’ leg, but the knife she put in his heart remains (that one was for Team Lucas).

Bill and Elizabeth rush off to Capital City, with Nathan reaching his arm around her waist, telling her to “be safe”.  Ooooooh! Anyone else get the tingles?

Elizabeth visits Lucas’ bedside distraught, her former fiancé in a coma to rival Days of our Lives.  Lizzy falls asleep by his bedside and drops a hanky, noticeably with a ring on her right hand… was that Jack’s, or did she nab Lucas’ back from the bedside drawer?  Bill brings in coffee from the hospital vending machine as the drops of Elizabeth’s tears awaken Mr Bouchard. 

We launch in 4 months later, and learn Lucas pulled through, surrounded by the love of his Hope Valley friends.  He even began working from his hospital bed, thanks to Ned’s invention of the laptop. 

Nathan was appointed to the FBI to find the assailant. He and Elizabeth haven’t talked for 4 months because he forgot to grab a sim card at the Mercantile before he left.  But the absence is surely making Elizabeth’s heart grow fonder.

Robert delivers the newspaper on his fancy new unicycle, although it’s the alliteration of Randall Rockwell at the Benson Hills Beetle with misplaced modifiers, who scooped Rosie’s news on the shooter.  But something tells me the guy they nabbed – Clayton Pike, the poet and seasonal labourer who loves a Bunnings snag – isn’t the shooter.  Bill, Nathan, and Rosie all agree.

After being quoted by the paper and appearing on the morning shows, Nathan arrives back in Hope Valley, looking oh so debonair upon his steed. 

Rosie is beating her rug on the Hills Hoist in preparation for a boxing match with Randall Rockwell.  Cleaning house has Elizabeth “feeling restless for something new”.  I think she wants a Dyson. 

Nathan is trying not to fall over flower bushes as he and Elizabeth look at each other coyly.  Spring – and love – is in the air!

Faith and Minnie review the telegram from our trailblazing feminist, Fiona, who is staying in Nashville.  She was signed to a recording deal after cutting Dolly Parton’s hair.

Henry visits Lucas in his hospital office and receives a surprise offer to join Lucas’ team, much to Edwin’s disapproval.  Again, Henry is reminded that his past does not matter in the present.

Elizabeth is preparing to cut her hair, feeling “a change in the air”.  Could that be the pollen?

She pops back to the classroom, and I barely recognise the kids – wait, is that Opal?  When did she grow up?!  Mrs Thornton teaches something about men from Mars, women from Venus, and the stars aligning, which makes me wonder if she’s going to cut her hair and kiss Nathan anytime soon?

In the absence of Fiona, Robert offers to cut Elizabeth’s hair.  He must’ve been confused between the definition of a barber and a barbershop quartet. 

Mei realises the life of a stressed-out entrepreneur, juggling the pharmacy and the mud/beauty biz, is too much and enlists Mike to involuntarily become the new town masseuse.  He earned enough in one day to buy Mei a new bike.

New visitors Mrs Watson and her granddaughter Lily arrive, in need of Faith’s help.  Mrs W has no one else to look after Lily.  Cue Faith fostering the child and being lonely no more.

Elizabeth trusts bestie Rosie to cut her hair (hopefully with no wine involved) and finally the wig is off! 

Elizabeth enters the room with her new bob and gives Nathan the wow-factor.  Lucas is on the radio, announcing his ‘grand vision’ of a territorial fund to build tourist attractions like Hope Valley Vineyards and the Lucasland Resort.

Goldie is already walking and will soon be performing on Broadway if stage mum Rosie has any say.

The townspeople of Hope Valley are admiring Jupiter and Venus lighting up the night sky, and Nathan and Elizabeth lighting up our hearts! 

Memorable Quotes:

“If Lucas’ brush with death has taught me anything, it’s that every moment hangs on a thread.  It’s up to us to find all the joy we can in this life, and from now on, that’s what I intend to do.” – Elizabeth

“I’m really enjoying the feeling of being open to infinite possibilities.” – Elizabeth

“Sometimes it’s alright just to be with someone in tough times.  Your presence is enough when the words are hard to find.” – Joseph

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