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FloMo are catching up on the gossip, while people-watching from Minnie’s verandah. They agree with the view of whomever is on the front page of The Valley Voice.

Elizabeth and Rosie are talking politics, noticing how pre-occupied Nathan, Henry, Bill and Lucas seem after the Governor’s Resort announcement. Will Rosie get Scout to help her sniff out more clues, and solve yet another HV secret?

She speaks up for all the Hearties, when she queries Elizabeth on how long it’s taking her and Nathan to go from ‘friends’ to ‘forever’.

The NBN is down again at Mountie Headquarters, with Bill and Nathan unable to find a photo of Shaw on any socials. Bill thinks Nathan is lagging in his pursuit of Elizabeth.

Elizabeth takes the lead and hints at Nathan for a ride on the horses together.  He catches on and makes a date for the stables. Nathan is looking pretty chuffed, and so are we!

Edwin is jumping ship to interview for another position in Capital City.  He thinks Lucas’ approval rating will hit rock bottom.  Edwin wants “to be frank”.  Henry reminds him he’s not Frank, but a former political advisor with an attitude problem.

The men of HV are looking mighty spiffy!  Henry has given up his garden overalls for a corporate suit. He assures Lucas that he will help him rebuild confidence, advising him to walk down the main street and do his best ‘blue steel’.

Faith is dressed in her yellow plaid Clueless outfit.  She and Lily are talking of counting stars, and Minnie offers to help with a night-light solution made by Joseph.  Could this be the next invention sold at The Mercantile?

Mike is fixing Mei’s ice-cream machine, when a letter arrives from her brother. Bo is coming to Cape Fullerton!  M & M make plans to visit him together.  Does this mean Mike will ask Bo for Mei’s hand in marriage?  Or a new ice-cream machine?

Rosie chases down Bill and demands answers.  He takes the opportunity to sneak away as Rosie’s visitor arrives.

Clark Kent, I mean, Randall Rockwell, has arrived to collaborate with Rosie to sniff out the story behind the story.

Henry smells a whiff of trouble in the air, and sees Jeanette is back in town.  Lucas notices her car with personalised number plates, DANGER.

Mike has taken Mei to Henry’s Garden and drops to one knee to PROPOSE!  Let’s hope he didn’t get manure on his suit! He forgot the ring, and to open his eyes, but she said yes!

Mike proposing to Mei, amidst the smell of roses and manure

Elizabeth and Nathan meet up at the stables and he is as fed up as we are about the interruptions. Cue Henry to interrupt.  We’ve got more chance of seeing the horses go on a date, than these two!

Jeanette relays the news to Lucas that Shaw found her, and she continues trying to convince the Governor to allow Shaw to run his rum through the town. Enter the Three Amigos, who are determined to bring Shaw down.

As the Saloon shuts for the day, the night-light invention is being prepared by another three amigos to pitch on the next season of Shark Tank.

Jeanette’s attempts to convince Lucas to oblige Shaw’s criminal requests, are met with the Governor confirming what the Hearties have known for some time; he wants to be an honest man. It is obvious the influence of HV – and especially Elizabeth – had that positive impact on his personal growth.

Jeanette is playing Lucas for a fool. She – and her beauty mirror – are in on this with Shaw.

Randall is in hot water with Rosie, as he wanted to expose his source in her paper, as he had been warned to stay silent.  His source is exposed as Jeanette.

Rosie runs to the Saloon to warn Lucas, only to find Jeanette there alone. Ally pops over to Elizabeth’s with Goldie, worried as to Rosie’s whereabouts.  Elizabeth rushes off to find her friend at the Saloon and becomes the second hostage held captive by an armed Shaw and Jeanette.  But wait, is that guy really Shaw?  JEANETTE is Shaw!  Whaaat?!

The Three Amigos and Lucas arrive at the Saloon to save Elizabeth and Rosie.  Lucas enters to confront Jeanette, as Nathan climbs in the back window.  Bill soon follows, but their plan to override the two crims fails and ‘the bloke that we thought was Shaw, but wasn’t, who shall remain nameless’ grabs Elizabeth and drags her up the stairs. Carloads of Mounties arrive as the two scenes play out in the Saloon and on the balcony – will Jeanette shoot Lucas, and will the nameless guy shoot Nathan or Elizabeth?  Oh my gosh, I can’t look!

Lucas manages to talk down Jeanette and Bill runs upstairs to see what drama awaits him on the verandah.  Elizabeth and Nathan make a jump for it, landing in a trailer of hay.

Elizabeth and Nathan promoting the new mattress from Beds R Us

And despite it taking two criminals with guns, a hostage situation, cars full of Mounties, and a leap through verandah railings to several feet below, to finally see these two enveloped in each other’s arms, they are interrupted yet again!

Jeanette is being taken away in handcuffs, still smiling and calling Lucas “Cherie”. How relieved are we that she won’t be back (that voice was so annoying!)

Elizabeth and Nathan say goodnight and she returns home to Jack Jnr, counting her blessings.  Everyone she loves is safe. 

Nathan stops by to check on Elizabeth (or likely try for some uninterrupted time) and she apologises for having hurt him in the past. She declares, “if only you knew how my heart lifts when I think of you, and I think of you often… the way you’ve always be honest with me, and gently encouraged me to be honest with myself.  The way you always seem to know when there’s something on my mind; the way your brow furrows when there’s something on yours. You are a good man, an impeccable man, a man who looks distractingly good in surge or suspenders.  It’s your eyes I look for across a crowded room. It’s your heart that makes me feel brave. You feel like home to me.”

That’s IT!  I’ve dropped the Kleenex and I’m sobbing like a kid at the checkout whose mum refused them a kit-kat. Or a birthday party for the rest of their lives.

Then there’s THIS:

I screamed so loud my neighbours thought it was the fire alarm.

Followed by THIS:

And his hands holding her around the waist (did one of the writers used to work for Mills and Boon?)

Topped off by THIS:

He pulls her in for another lingering kiss.

Mic drop.

Memorable Quote:

Bill (to Nathan): “Time is a finite resource, my friend.”

Rosie (to Lee and Elizabeth): “One neglects equine exercise at one’s peril.”

Rosie (to Elizabeth and Nathan): “Well, considering I almost ended up a headline, not of my own devising, I’m fine, thank you.”

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