Ep12 Recap – All Loved Up

BY: Rach Kayrooz for GOOD.

As we recover from the excitement of THE KISS, Rosie is shouting the headline from under her sealed lips. Nathan arrives – unbuttoned – to say good morning to his beautiful Elizabeth, with Rosie taking a number to be next in line.

Lee is pondering over the land that he and Rosie sold Lucas, and his desire to create a legacy project for Goldie’s generation.  TikTok, perhaps?

Lucas is deciding whether to have glutton or mutton for lunch, as Henry and Bill join him in the booth. 

They attempt to soothe the Governor’s concerns about being newspaper fodder, with Bill suggesting Lucas borrow Possum Magic from the library.

Nathan and Elizabeth steal a kiss at the stables while Jack Jnr saddles up Pal.  At the mention of an outing together, Jack Jnr invites himself and Allie for a Teddy Bears’ Picnic. Alas, the interruptions continue for #Natbeth.

Mike is surprisingly calm for a man who is about to be married.  Lee is disappointed there hasn’t been a bachelor party, and decides to throw Mike one – complete with a poker table and shots of double sarsaparilla.

Minnie and Faith are busy baking the wedding cake, with Lily snacking on all the icing! Faith wants to throw Mei a shower, leaving Lily to think Mei needs a bath from all that mud-mask making. Mei’s wedding dress arrives, carried in by… Fiona!

Jack Jnr is enjoying his riding lessons on Pal, and Nathan suggests spending more time with him, which is ‘okey-dokey’ with Elizabeth.

Bill brings Rosie some souvenirs from The Mercantile, but she doesn’t need any more HV fridge magnets.  The Judge offers his apologies, and they reflect on what a good team they made.

The teens are hanging at the outdoor café, sipping lemonade lattes and snapping selfies. The girls are talking of attending teaching college, with Minnie displeased at the thought of Angela leaving for Hamilton (the place, not the musical).

Nathan sits Allie down for the “Mrs Thornton and I have been smooching” talk, but she already guessed they were dating and is happy for her dad.  Or maybe it’s the thought of chicken sandwiches and footlong subs that have our Mountie so happy?

Fiona is telling the keen ears of Faith and Mei all about her work with the Suffragettes in Nashville, and her nightly gigs at the Grand Ole Opry. Fiona and her sister are campaigning to get the first woman from Nashville elected to Congress. Her sights are now set on getting Faith and Lily to Tennessee, as they are desperate for doctors. Will Faith and Lily leave, and head for the Hope Valley black hole of Hallmark Christmas movies?

The Thornton/Grant blended family are enjoying their picnic. Allie persuades Jack Jnr to help her pick blackberries, giving time for #Natbeth to enjoy coffee, grapes, and PDA.  Elizabeth suggests she and Nathan share a secret about one another.  Nathan is too shy to confess that he was the one who burped in The Mercantile this morning.

Mike has scones and tea planned with his Mom, but Lee and Bill advise that doesn’t constitute a bachelor party. His ‘best woman’ Fiona arrives with the news that Mei’s brother won’t make it to the wedding. Mike is still worried that he didn’t get Mei an engagement ring, so Lee and Bill hook him up. 

Elizabeth asks little Jack if it’s okey-dokey for her to spend some time with Nathan just by herself, to talk about ‘boring’ things. 

Lucas apologises to Lee and Rosie for keeping secrets. They suggest he goes in a different direction from the Resort, instead designing a National Park, complete with hiking paths and Yogi-Bear. 

Lee worries Mei with a foot-in-mouth moment about Mike having cold feet, so she rushes off to knit him a pair of slippers.

Meanwhile, The Chronicle is calling for Lucas’ resignation. But he won’t give up without a fight.

Nathan and Elizabeth are moonlighting with visits, kisses and apple juice.  She agrees to be his date to the wedding, and they share secrets about kissing potatoes and how their paths intertwined, despite initial hesitations.  Just as we get caught up in this heart-to-heart, out comes…

Oh. My. Mercantile! These two make us fall in love, with love!

Uh oh, the groom is missing!  Lee and Rosie run interference to keep Mei occupied and find Mike.  Did anyone think to check the Saloon, where he’s likely nursing a sarsaparilla hangover and downing bacon and eggs for brunch?

Elizabeth pays Lucas a visit to tell him about her and Nathan, only to find more newspapers are calling for his resignation. Lucas is hit hard, but Elizabeth encourages him to find his GV (grand vision).  Or an RV, to take into the national park and hide from the paparazzi.

The gals gather around Mei who is distraught thinking Mike has pulled a swift one, but it’s Rosie to the rescue, with the ‘Coulter Guarantee”!

Lee and the boys are tracing Mike’s last known whereabouts, to a train in Buxton.  Was HV so boring he decided to take his bachelor party to Buxton?  Or did he book a facial at the Buxton Beauty Bar?

Mei is dressed in her traditional Chinese bridal gown, her friends gushing over how beautiful and radiant she is.  The sound of gongs and drums echo through the streets, as Mike returns in his new role of Town Band Leader, to give Mei a well-deserved start to their wedding day.

Surprise! Mike has an engagement ring, AND Mei’s brother! Will he also pull a rabbit out of a hat?

The town gather for the ceremony at the Chapel, though Faith queries if Mei was aiming for an 80s Molly Ringwald with the bridesmaid’s dresses?

Mike and Mei seal the deal with a kiss, and what a celebration of joy for the people of HV!

Celebrating at the Saloon, Bo is eyeing off the ‘double happiness’ of the wedding cake.

Faith informs Fiona that Nashville is not on the cards, and her purpose is in HV with Lily (who is the most well-behaved flower girl I’ve ever seen!)

Lucas announces his plans to return to Capital City, and wants Lee to join him there.

The town farewell Mike and Mei for their honeymoon, noticing the coupling of Nathan and Elizabeth.  Just as #Natbeth begin to kiss a potato, they’re interrupted (who would’ve thought?), this time by Superintendent Hargreaves.  He isn’t there to see Nathan, rather, he has news for Elizabeth… about Jack!

Memorable Quotes:

Minnie (to Elizabeth): “These are precious years.”

Elizabeth responds: “I know, I’m reminded of that every day.”

Nathan (to Allie): “What could be better, than being with my favourite people, in one place?”

Jacob (to Minnie): “It’s our job to give them roots, and wings.” Minnie responds: “At least we know our love made her strong.”

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