Ep3 Recap – One Foot in Front of the Other

BY: Rach Kayrooz for GOOD.

Bill is playing cops ‘n’ robbers in Capital City, running around with an imaginary gun to re-enact Lucas’ incident.  Something about the time doesn’t add up, but perhaps Bill can’t run as fast as he used to?

Lee is signing papers for the Queen of Hearts, but showing buyer’s remorse as he finds out he won’t get free beer.  Mike says, “it’s a new era”, meaning they’ll install EFTPOS by next week.

Lucas is welcomed back to Hope Valley and wants to use his old office.  Lee takes that as an opportunity to stir the pot about Elizabeth.  I mean, offer a listening ear to his old friend.

Nathan’s rocking the 5 o’clock shadow, relaying his gratitude to Elizabeth for the surprise party, a “night full of surprises”.  The starry-eyed lovebirds talk about a ‘good normal’, only to be interrupted by Ally who supposedly forgot her lunch… but really didn’t, because Nathan did the ol’ bring an extra lunch as an excuse to see the teacher trick.

Bill has taken over Nathan’s office to review Pike’s statement.  Who was driving the getaway car?  Montague or his hired hitman?  Was Edwin involved?  Bill is convinced Montague will slip on his own snake oil.

Toby stays after school to find his application for Harvard may be at risk.  Elizabeth takes time to help him look at different ways of learning.  Toby asks the question we all did at his age, “why will I ever use pi, when I can eat it?

Mike and Mei are the clumsiest couple in the Valley.  After breaking the sugar bowl, Mike breaks the news to us all that it’s two days until their 5-month anniversary. Isn’t this their first official date?!  I guess their past 5 months of dating history ended up on the Hallmark editing floor.

Some bloke named Jed Campbell is refuting groundhogs at the resort site. Despite Lee’s efforts, whingy Campbell demands media attention, running off in search of Rosie to share his story on A Current Affair.  The Valley Voice declares it “Groundhog Day”.

Lucas’ focus is the resort and physical therapy, instead of his safety.  However, he reassures Elizabeth there is no need for a spectacle of added security, and that he is finally healing.

Little Lily is “quite the handful”, prompting the women to pull together and create a daycare centre.  They present a proposal to dear ol’ Henry, who we know is a huge softie, and Lily bribes him with Minnie’s cake to seal the deal.

Elizabeth visits the Mountie Station and notices Scout has finally had a bath. It seems Nathan has too, appearing sans shirt! Helloooooo Mountie! Someone has been pumping serious iron at the Hope Valley gym!

Meanwhile, Bill listens in on Rosie’s interview with Montague.  Could he have slipped away early from the event to shoot Lucas?  Or was he getting pizza?

Elizabeth finds Toby upset and hiding in the library.  He feels something is wrong with him, but Mrs Thornton explains that people have different strengths.  She is determined to find a pathway for Toby’s learning, demonstrating her ongoing commitment to the students.  This is the teacher we all wanted growing up!

Nathan is busy training Scout to run up to Elizabeth for extra credit.  She expresses concern for Lucas, that may be misinterpreted by Nathan.  We don’t want to see him take two steps back (and grow another moustache) again!

Edwin marches into Lucas’ office, overjoyed with their first bid for the resort, from Montague of all people (no surprises there).   Lucas smartly refuses his offer.  Edwin is really making my skin crawl, has Rosie caught on yet?

Mike and Mei visit the woods, only to be interrupted by Lucas’ PR project, featuring Elizabeth and the schoolchildren.  M&M run off to play kiss-chasey, whilst Rosie and Randall have a show-down.

It’s Randall who advises that the proposed resort site at the base of the mountain belongs to Benson Hills.  Edwin had previously been informed of this by Lee and Rosie.  The ties between Edwin and Montague, and the politically corrupt landscape, are starting to piece together.

Lily is sad she doesn’t have an Aunt, so Dr Faith becomes Aunty Faith, and Lily is happy. So is her agent – it looks like Lily will be sticking around.

The Canfield children are experiencing sibling rivalry, with Joseph instructing them to work it out. 

Cooper buys Angela new hair ribbons after using hers to grease his bike chain, while she gifts him a signed baseball by the NY Yankees after throwing his old one to Scout.  They make a pact to spend time together after Church, and sneak biscuits from Minnie’s kitchen.

Joseph relays the news of an estranged brother, Jacob. Maybe the unity of his children will encourage him to reach out to his sibling?

Bill and Rosie are talking express trains over espresso coffee, and the relevance of a photo of Montague with Balfour at the time of the shooting.  However, they are convinced Pike’s confession is fabricated, and Montague is the mastermind behind it all. Now to find the evidence to prove it!

Nathan went to check his lotto numbers, but instead sees Lucas and Elizabeth on the front page of The Valley Voice.  However, the concept of returning to a normal life engages Nathan and Elizabeth once again, only for them to walk in on Lucas announcing he is staying in Hope Valley to sort out the resort saga. 

Will more trouble be coming his way?

Memorable quote: “Everything is on the mend, one foot in front of the other” – Lucas to Elizabeth

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