Ep4 Recap – Just Add Chocolate

BY: Rach Kayrooz for GOOD.

The Governor’s Easter Address attracts the town. Elizabeth thinks the speech will be about the Easter Bunny, who happens to be on Lucas’ speed dial.

Lucas forgets to order the extra, extra, extra-large Cadbury bunnies.

Rosie is desperate for the scoop on who really shot the Governor. She suggests hypnotherapy as a way for Lucas to remember what happened. Faith offers that approach is unsafe, but they could try using Mei’s mud mask for its healing and memory recall properties.

Governor Bouchard is passionate about new beginnings, announcing 1,000 new homes at the Cape Fullerton Harbour. The Hope Valley Resort day spa remains on the agenda, as he’s in need of a sauna and mani-pedi.

Lucas has grand notions for the Easter Egg Hunt, with talk of Edwin in a giant bunny costume. This may be the new career path for Edwin, if he has anything to do with Montague!

Elizabeth shares another gaze with Nathan, but retains her focus on the chocolate eggs, rather than men dramas.

Lucas needs to get the Benson Hills Mayor on side, who turns out to be Hickam’s fearless sister, Maisie. Even with Lee as Hickam’s support, the men are no match for her.

Little Jack joins his mum at school to paint Easter eggs. Ally helps Jack, so they can plan how to get their parents together.

Toby’s artistic gifts are on display with his fancy creations – he’s now landed a job making Imperial Eggs for Faberge.

Jack sees Elizabeth as everyone’s Mum, but she reminds him she is everyone’s teacher, and only his Mum. Faith realises she doesn’t know what she did with her time prior to being Lily’s caregiver, and she’s having so much fun!

The Pike case file arrives from Capital City. Rosie draws on her Broadway debut as Annie Oakley to deduce that Pike’s prints on the gun have been tampered with, so either he took the fall, or has been framed. Bill and Rosie are on the trail!

A fancy stranger arrives; Jeanette Aucoir, the widow from New Orleans. Lucas is stunned that she keeps forgetting his name, instead calling him “Cherie”. She talks of making a bid, but Lucas would rather she make her bed and leave.

Could her arrival and desire for the Resort involve Montague?

Cooper starts wondering about his estranged Uncle Jacob. He writes a letter to his father, as though it were from his uncle. Ally gets work experience on the phone exchange, helping Angela and Cooper to locate the other Mr Canfield.

Lee makes the huge mistake of telling Rosie that Jeanette could be a ‘screen siren’.

Nathan and Elizabeth are hiding eggs in the gardens. Elizabeth is running out of chocolate, so she climbs up to get the highest egg and falls into Nathan’s arms. Could this be…nope, they’re interrupted yet again. Oh, for the love of chocolate!

The Easter Egg Hunt begins. The women of Hope Valley turn up, not for the kids, but for the sweet treats. Enough said.

Mike realises that Mei is the one who makes him feel he does everything right, while his sister makes him feel he does everything wrong. He declares his intention to kiss Mei, but she beats him to it!

Lucas reluctantly accepts Jeanette’s bid and sends her on her way. She stops to approach Elizabeth, stirring the pot with the news she was once engaged to Lucas. Elizabeth’s response of kindness, and the absence of jealousy, surprises Jeanette. Her plan to cause havoc has landed flat.

Later that evening, Elizabeth answers the door to her gentleman caller – has Nathan finally come to his senses? Alas, there is no asking of a date, but he does present Elizabeth with the hidden egg. He fails to read between the lines of her response that “sometimes a chocolate egg is worth the risk.”  At least the egg tasted good!

Lucas peruses the bid proposal from Jeanette, only to discover a photo from their past in between the papers. She is playing mind games with Lucas, and clearly intends not to give up. Something tells me that Lucas has changed and cannot be shaken as she expected.

But the question remains, who are the members of “Jeanette and Associates”? Never fear, Scout’s on the case.

Memorable quotes:

“Mrs Thornton says, every argument can be settled if people listen.” – Angela

“Leland Coulter! I’m the screen siren in Hope Valley!” – Rosemary

“Mike, you don’t know how wonderful you are, and capable, and brilliant.” – Mei

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