Ep5 Recap – Just Friends?

BY: Rach Kayrooz for GOOD.

Ally’s asking Nathan what we all yearn to know, “what’s going on between you and Mrs Thornton?”

Her dad’s “just friends” reply doesn’t sit well with Ally, nor with us.  C’mon Mountie!

Elizabeth spots Lucas, who offers an apology for Jeanette ambushing her in the street.   Nathan sees them from afar, and unbeknownst to him, they are having a ‘we’ll always be friends’ chat.  But his mind runs with assumptions.  Well, if you snooze, you lose, Nathan!

Henry is in the orchard, planting hazelnut trees and starting a vineyard.  Lucas pops by to join in  the grape-stomping. He is keen to enlist Henry’s help with the resort negotiations, but Henry is firm to not stray from his new path. Look out, Nutella, ‘Henry’s Hazelnuts’ is coming to a Mercantile near you!

Elizabeth made some soup for Scout, but not Nathan.  He brushes her off.  When will he realise that women love the dog more than the man?!

The two Mayor Hickams are not seeing eye-to-eye.  Maisie is insistent that Hope Valley build Benson Hills a new stadium (she must have been talking to the Qld Labor govt).  

A letter arrives from Joseph’s brother, Jacob, who is planning a visit.  Jacob is awaiting an apology, but for what?  It seems a lesson in forgiveness is forthcoming.

Elizabeth surprises the students with a visit from former classmate, Anna, who nervously begins prac teaching at her alma mater.  Will she show the children how they do fractions in Capital City?

The men in leadership are stumped on how to deal with Maisie, ‘The Immovable Force’. Bill steps back from his role of Acting Mayor, and nominates Lee for the job, with Mike in agreement. Lee accepts without consulting Rosie, however, our favourite drama queen is excited to become HV’s First Lady.

Toby passes his exam with flying colours.  Today, fractions… tomorrow, algebra… next week, Silicon Valley!

Henry seeks out Jacob’s wisdom.  He wants peace, not the business world.  He is torn between wanting to help Lucas, and the wide, green grass of HV.  He is afraid of becoming the man he was if he returns to the corporate world. 

Maisie is mixing family and politics, rattling on about obstructing the Resort plans, so Mei puts her in a ‘mud lock sleeper hold’.

Elizabeth can’t help but fawn over Nathan every time he walks past, but he puts his guard up. She wants the love again that she had with Jack, and like Rosie has with Lee.  Rosie says it’s “written in the stars, just waiting for you.”  Elizabeth isn’t sure the stars have it right.  She is struggling to know what is going on in Nathan’s mind and heart, but she hasn’t asked him.  These two are sadly lacking in communication!

Lucas sees Nathan playing darts and joins in to make HV’s first Olympic Dart Team.  Lucas relays the truth about Jeanette and Elizabeth having moved on, settling Nathan’s mind.

Joseph arrives home to the kids’ confessional.  They thought their father may have been taking the relationship with his brother for granted, reinforcing the very advice he relayed to his children. 

Opal creates the initial architectural drawings for the Resort, representing Lucas’ “GV” (grand vision).  Encouraged to become an engineer or architect, she jumps on socials and now #GV is trending.

Maisie’s demands are accepted, much to her surprise.  The Immovable Force Committee suggest merging the towns, much to her dismay.  Lucas proposes co-Mayors until the next election.  Maisie silences Mike each time he attempts to relay the news of Lee’s appointment, until Lucas makes the announcement.  In true soap opera style, Maisie vows that this won’t be the last we hear of her, and Lee looks like the cat that caught the mouse!

Nathan finally approaches Elizabeth to have ‘the talk’, asking her, “what am I to you? Are we just friends?”  There’s THAT lingering look!  Oh my Mercantile, will they…?  Argh! Now Henry interrupts! Henryyyyyyyy!

Hope Valley stages an intervention for Lucas, which leads into a discussion of merging the towns. Alas, the school will fall under the jurisdiction of the Valley School District.  Yet Elizabeth is in favour of the merger, trusting Lucas’ economic vision.

Elizabeth takes Opal’s drawing to show the Governor, who is adamant young Opal has a promising career as Minister for Infrastructure and Development.

After seeing the way she looked at Nathan, Lucas asks Elizabeth to promise him she will jump in with both feet, if the opportunity arises that will bring her happiness. I’m not sure she understood the memo.

After watching VINDICATION on GOOD., Bill and Rosie relay their forensic findings to Lucas, who continues to avoid discussion of the shooting. Though it has been 5 months, Bill and Rosie continue to be concerned that the shooter may still be lurking, awaiting another opportunity.  A photo of the building triggers Lucas’ memory.  He recalls grabbing the gun before it went off, but not the perpetrator’s face.  It’s obvious to us Hearties that the Governor remembers more than he’s letting on.

Nathan is chilling on the porch stairs, as Ally prompts, “what are you going to do about Mrs Thornton?” No sooner had her words been spoken, than Elizabeth approaches to answer Nathan’s earlier question with, “Friends don’t look at friends this way. Goodnight.”  Mic drop!

Memorable quotes:

Lucas: “I just wanted to leave my past behind me.”

Elizabeth (in reply): “But it keeps finding you.”

Lucas: “You can’t put your socks on in this town without everybody hearing about it.”

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Socials: @rachkayrooz

Socials: @rachkayrooz

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