Ep7 Recap – Something Fishy Going On

BY: Rach Kayrooz for GOOD.

Elizabeth is reflecting on the shift of her grief to gratitude over Mountie Jack, when little Jack comes downstairs dressed for the Myer kids’ catalogue.  They are getting ready to celebrate Jack Senior’s birthday.

Little Jack looking so dapper!

Rosie and Bill take their findings to Nathan.  Headquarters won’t give it a second look; they’ve got bigger fish to fry.  A McFillet?  Or a rum runner?

Rosie raises interest in a historic interview with Clayton Pike’s mother, and after Google directions from Nathan, she and Bill make plans to travel to Union City for their own interview.

Henry is dosing out Gardening Australia advice about the similarity between mushrooms and rumours.  He and Lucas’ telemarketing blitz hasn’t been going well.  Edwin is directing them back to Montague and Jeanette’s offers…. hmmm, something fishy is going on.   How will they get the Resort off the ground?

Elizabeth and her son arrive at the cemetery. Little Jack goes looking for a rock, when Jack’s brother Tom pops out from underneath it! 

Joseph and Minnie are still awaiting Jacob’s reply.  Hope they’re not relying on Australia Post for that letter to show up…

Tom is selling happiness, or sheet music, or is part of an MLM scheme.  He’s been signing up new choirs, but don’t let Rosie hear!

Angela and Ally are singing a beautiful duet, only to be overheard by Tom. There’s talk of talent scouting and Scout, with Nathan following closely behind.  Elizabeth reassures Nathan he’s not in anyone’s shadow, as they engage in another sweet, flirtatious moment.

Faith is treating Lily’s knee after a mishap, when Tom pays her a visit and invites both the doctor and little Lily to lunch. Could this be a new love interest for Faith?  Oooh Hearties! 

Lucas appeals to Lee for help in finding new bidders for the Resort, as Faith and Lily join Tom for lunch at Minnie’s. FloMo support Minnie’s request of a choir audition for the upcoming Salt Lake City Festival. The choral members begin working on their repertoire.

The HV Chorale perform their Skype audition, impressing Mr Sweeney and Tom.  Alas, there are entry fees, though Ned and Flo offer to help with bitcoin loans to Molly and others. Is this a reputable festival or a scheme? Ally is over the moon at the opportunity, but Nathan is understandably wary.

Lee calls all his golf buddy contacts, but couldn’t land any takers for the Resort.  Lucas diverts his focus to securing a local bid, but all have a conflict of interest.  Maybe they should call on JB Sweeney?  He seems to have come into quite a bit of money…

Nathan questions the rush of the entrant fees, with Elizabeth in agreement.  Tom swears everything is “on the level” and he would never put Elizabeth at risk.  They take his word for it, but I smell a rat.

Mrs Pike arrives in HV, keen to prove her son’s innocence.  She assures Rosie and Bill that Clayton was with her the night of the election, and believes he was forced to confess. 

She relays that her son even voted for the Governor! It was a friend of Clayton’s who paid for her hip surgery, only a week before he was arrested, and Montague sent flowers to her at the hospital.  The pieces start coming together…

Edwin urges Lucas to use the emergency stash of public funds to invest in the Resort.  Henry advises against the move as a bad gamble.  With advancement for Hope Valley, may come risk, but Henry encourages Lucas to walk away.

Tom calls for Mr Sweeney, with hold music provided by Ned and Flo in the background.  He is informed that Mr Sweeney, all cashed up, has done a runner.  Will Tom run too?

Ned and Flo are singing about a bicycle built for two, as Elizabeth goes in search of her brother-in-law, only for Mike to advise he has checked out.  She runs to Nathan for help. 

The Benson Hills Oil Company are filing for bankruptcy, resulting in many jobs lost.  Edwin uses this as yet another reason to push for The Resort, while Lucas stands his ground.  Why is Edwin pushing?  Is he on Montague’s payroll?

And why is Lucas now calling Montague?! Elizabeth and Nathan arrive at the train station to find Tom.  He too has been conned, as have all the choirs he signed up for the festival.  Tom feels lost that Jack isn’t there to tell him what to do next. Elizabeth offers her guidance and support, with Nathan by her side.

Memorable quotes:

Nathan (to E): “It is my job to overthink things.”

Elizabeth (to N): “Can you try not to be such a Mountie, just this once?”

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