Ep9 Recap – Truth Be Told

BY: Rach Kayrooz for GOOD.

When the Truth Hurts

Elizabeth is airing out the dirty laundry with Rosie, talking about Tom’s departure. Rosie thinks it’s time for Elizabeth to pursue a courtship with Nathan. Elizabeth doesn’t want to rush, and would rather wait for the perfect moment.  Or the perfect laundry detergent for her whites. 

Elizabeth pondering whether Sard is better than home brand 

Faith is bribing Lily to eat fruit, with Nathan offering single parent empathy.  Allie overhears Nathan telling Faith that her biological father is still around, contrary to what she had been told as a young child.

Montague is on his way for a face-to-face meeting with Lucas, despite the Governor insisting on a zoom call. Edwin is encouraging Lucas and Henry to overlook Montague’s past dealings.  Lucas is not happy that he has reached a point where Montague is the only viable option.

Elizabeth takes little Jack to visit Sergeant, with Nathan regaling stories of riding as a child.  He thinks little Jack is ready to ride Sergeant, whilst Bill is smarter in stating that mothers know best.

“Say what, now, Nathan?”

Dora Watson calls Faith at the clinic and relays she will be out of hospital and on her way to pick up Lily at the end of the week.  Molly overhears, knowing this may break Faith’s heart.

Molly consoling Faith with the prospect of chocolate ice cream at Mei’s

Bill and Rosie put their detective hats on again, just as smarmy Montague strolls into the Queen of Hearts.  Mike tells The Water Stealer that the rooms are all full.  Hope Valley hospitality is not on the menu where Montague is concerned.

Allie is looking through old photo albums, asking why there are no pictures of her biological father, Dylan. Allie wants to know about him, but Nathan is wary of what to tell her and changes the subject, as men do.

Lucas faces Montague, and Henry relays the Terms of Agreement.  Montague doesn’t want a 50/50 split, and continues to hold the upper hand.  Will Henry give him a back hand instead?

Nathan apologises to Elizabeth for overstepping boundaries, when telling little Jack he’s ready for riding “a thousand-pound horse on his own.”  The Mountie takes this opportunity of a segway, and asks our protagonist on a horse-riding date, to which she offers to pack a picnic with carrots for the horses, and a Subway footlong for Nathan.

The way to a Mountie’s heart.

Bill and Rosie question Lucas over Montague’s visit, with the Governor convinced Montague had nothing to do with the attempt on his life.  He wants The Water Stealer to remain an anonymous bidder, however Rosie is insistent the people have a right to know of his potential involvement. 

After confiding in Angela, and keeping Nathan in the dog-house with Scout, Allie seeks out Elizabeth’s advice.  She’s pondering over the White Pages, keen to know where she came from.  And why there are so many Smiths in the directory…

Lily spots the cupcakes in Minnie’s kitchen, and who could resist giving this little darling a cupcake or ten?! 

Joseph reminds Faith to have faith, and with that, she plans a special day out.  Thanks to Mei – under Robert’s supervision of course – they enjoy a pampering day at the salon.

The girls with the curls

Bill arrives at Elizabeth’s with a life-size My Little Pony for Jack Jnr.  The pony is swiftly named Pal and Bill is awarded Godfather of the Year.

Are we sure that’s not a donkey?

Allie persists in wanting to meet Dylan Parks. Nathan maintains it’s not a good idea, but Allie won’t accept his decision, and drags Mrs Thornton’s name into the conversation.  The HV “village it takes to raise a child” may be treading on some boundaries, but it’s all coming from a good place. 

Rosie is struggling between her desire to write about Montague’s bid, and honouring Lucas’ request to keep things quiet.  As an investigative journalist, she wants everyone to know the truth.  Will our Rosie defy the Governor and go public?

Nathan relays to Elizabeth that when he was going to adopt Allie, Dylan Parks came to town; not to see his daughter, but to extort money from Nathan.  Both the Mountie and his mother have been keeping the truth from Allie, to protect her feelings. 

Elizabeth and Nathan discussing the challenges of single parenting reflects their growing trust and friendship.

Lucas arrives at the Valley Voice office with steam coming out of his ears.  He may be mad at Rosie, but Lee reminds him that the people of Hope Valley don’t want Montague there.  Is the Governor cracking under the stress of creating jobs, and keeping Hope Valley and the surrounding towns afloat?

Nathan tells Allie that her biological father is in Granville Prison, for poor life choices.  Allie questions whether he’s changed, just as her grandpa Archie did when he was in jail.  Allie refutes Nathan’s explanation, and calls Parks “family”.  

FloMo, Ned, and the townspeople are flabbergasted!  They tell off Montague, who states he has nothing to hide.  He may want to hide, as he’s soon surrounded by angry residents carrying baskets filled with tomatoes and oranges!

There are plenty more tomatoes in The Mercantile basement.

Bill is showing little Jack how to ride on Sergeant, with Pal the pony chewing up Henry’s garden nearby.  Nathan kindly takes up Elizabeth’s offer to help little Jack with horse riding lessons.  Could this be another step closer to Elizabeth letting Nathan in?

Montague threatens to withdraw, with Lucas confident they can ride out the storm. As they shake hands on it, someone is watching nearby…

Faith is in tears at the thought of Lily’s upcoming departure.  Joseph suggests asking Dora if she can stay in Lily’s life.  It’s an immense blessing that Lily has one more person who loves her!

Lily preparing for Saturday’s under 8’s basketball league

Rosie and Goldie are visiting Lee at the lumber office.  Lee is doubting whether the Resort is still a good idea.  Goldie is wondering why her dad hasn’t made her any wooden blocks from all that lumber lying around.

Nathan arrives home to Allie in full cranky teenager mode, and tries to explain again why it’s not a good idea to meet Dylan.  Allie resigns, but we know she’s going to try and see him somehow.

Bill was hoping the article would force Montague to flee, and confronts him about having a part in the shooting.  He denies it in smooth fashion, but do the Hearties believe him?

Faith tells Lily that her grandma is better, and coming to get Lily.  She responds with, “I love you, Aunty Faith.” Get me the Kleenex!

Montague is snooping around the stables, and is suddenly tackled by one of the Qld State of Origin forwards. Bill hears Mountie horse Newton alerting him to trouble (is this a 1920’s version of Skippy the kangaroo?), and finds Montague on the stable floor after an attack.

Nathan and co are on the scene, searching for footprints and clues. Montague has many enemies, but is this targeted attack linked with the Resort?  Who attacked him? Montague isn’t taking any more risks and withdraws his bid.  Dear Rosie feels responsible for letting everyone know The Water Stealer was in Hope Valley.

Montague departs the town, and Henry brings Lucas’ attention back to the possibility that maybe Jeanette was involved in the attack.  Lucas doesn’t think it is possible, but what about the investors she represents?  Why isn’t the Moonlighting Detective Agency looking into them?!

Allie volunteers for Flo at the phone exchange, under the guise of summer holiday work experience.  But we know young Allie is resourceful, and will use this opportunity to contact the prison.  Sure enough, she calls Granville and requests a meeting with her biological father.

Memorable Quote:

Elizabeth (to Allie): “The hardest part about being a parent is knowing when to let your child fly, even if it means they might fall.”

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