GOOD Movie Review: Just Jake

BY: Sharon Fitness for GOOD.

JUST JAKE, premiering on GOOD May 3, is a heartfelt musical romance, is a delightful addition to the GOOD catalog of uplifting, family-friendly films. Directed by Brandon Clark, the film stars Rob Mayes as Jake, an emerging country star grappling with writer’s block, and Brittany Bristow as his high school sweetheart, Amber. The narrative follows Jake as he returns to his hometown to find inspiration and rekindle old flames.

JUST JAKE stars Rob Mayes as Jake, and Brittany Bristow Amber.

The movie shines with its simple yet effective storytelling, focusing on themes of love, redemption, and the healing power of music. Mayes and Bristow have great Chemistry as Jake and Amber, bringing authenticity and warmth to their roles. The soundtrack, integral to the film’s appeal, features soul-stirring country tunes that perfectly complement the emotional landscape and the music is a standout star of the film.

While JUST JAKE does not venture into uncharted territory, its execution is polished, with solid performances and a cozy, comforting atmosphere that makes it an enjoyable watch. The film’s pace is gentle, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the quaint setting and the protagonists’ journey towards self-discovery and second chances.


Critics and audiences have appreciated the film’s family-oriented content and its ability to weave music and romance into a charming narrative that’s both entertaining and inspiring. JUST JAKE is a great example of the enduring allure of country music and timeless love stories, making it a perfect pick for viewers seeking a feel-good movie night.

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