Hope Valley Easter Wreath

Decorate your home for Easter with this Hope Valley inspired Easter Wreath and show your family and friends your love for WHEN CALLS THE HEART.


  • A plain straw wreath
  • A variety of artificial flowers such as daisies, daffodils, tulips, and lilacs or whatever takes your fancy
  • Faux greenery, foliage, leaves, ferns, wheat, feathers
  • Small wooden figures resembling the Hope Valley buildings (school, church, saloon, etc.) or charms or pendants (like hearts or miniature books to represent Elizabeth’s teaching).
  • Miniature Easter eggs
  • Ribbons in pastel colors
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Wire cutter for trimming stems
  • String or a ribbon for hanging


  1. Prepare the Wreath: Fluff the straw wreath to give it fullness and a natural look. Decide on the top portion of your wreath where the hanging mechanism will be.
  2. Attach Background: Start by hot-gluing faux greenery/foliage/feathers etc around the wreath to create a lush base. You can have it cover the whole wreath or just parts of it to allow some straw to show through for a more rustic look.
  3. Add Flowers: Trim the stems of your artificial flowers and arrange them around the wreath. Secure them with hot glue. You can create clusters of flowers or disperse them evenly around the wreath.
  4. Place Wooden Figurines, charms and pendants: Represent Hope Valley by placing and gluing wooden figures around the wreath. They should be small enough not to overpower the design.
  5. Decorate with Easter Eggs: Nestle miniature Easter eggs among the flowers and greenery. You can use a mix of sizes and colors to add visual interest.
  6. Add Ribbons: Create bows from your pastel ribbons and glue them to the wreath at even intervals, or use them to create a streamer effect from the bottom of the wreath.
  7. Final Touches: Fill in any sparse areas with additional flowers, eggs, or greenery. Make sure all elements are securely attached.
  8. Create a Hanging Mechanism: Use string or a ribbon looped around the top of the wreath. Secure it with glue and allow it to dry completely before hanging.
  9. Display Your Wreath: Hang your “Hope Valley Easter Wreath” on your front door or in a prominent place in your home to celebrate Easter and your love for “When Calls the Heart.”

Here’s some inspiration.

This craft activity not only celebrates the spirit of Easter but also pays homage to the heartwarming aesthetic of “When Calls the Heart,” making it a perfect craft for fans to display in their homes.