Restoring faith in the kindness of humanity

In 2023 HumanKind worked with GOOD to produce a pilot episode with You Belong in Toowoomba. Watch a short snippet now to see how we profiled the kindness of Barb as she volunteers to help Yazidi Waymakers find belonging in a new community.

Angela is an author, public speaker, philanthropist and Founder of Embrace UK, a charity working in the red light districts of some of the UK’s most violent cities. Angela has a passion to demonstrate the power that love and kindness play in changing the world.

Adam is a member of the GOOD team and leads the production department to create original content for GOOD. Adam has a passion for storytelling and capturing and creating stories that invite the viewers to see how we can positively impact the world.

HumanKIND is a fantastic opportunity to create an episode that features a volunteer from your charity in a way that encourages others by showcasing kindness in action. In each episode, an Australian charity features as the avenue through which the profiled volunteer is empowered to make a difference.

Benefits to your charity:
  • Brand awareness for charity connected to HumanKIND and acts of kindness.
  • Distribution of episode on GOOD. streaming platform and Foxtel channel
  • Social media cross promotion during promotion of episode by HumanKIND and GOOD.
  • Gift to your charity of $10, 000 value.

    Partner with us to show the power of Human Kindness.