Inspiring KINDness – Our world needs more good!

BY: Sharon Fitness for GOOD.

GOOD is currently in the exciting preparation stages of producing a brand new show in collaboration with HumanKIND. This exciting project will highlight the kind deeds of people dedicated to making a difference in the world by being different to the world, in the hope of ‘Restoring faith in the kindness of humanity’. The team are gathering resources, meeting with charities and community groups and working at attracting investors to secure the finances needed to make sure the project will be able to meet its production goals.

Last year, HumanKIND and GOOD worked together to produce a pilot episode of the show featuring the work of ‘You Belong’ in Toowoomba, Queensland. Below, you can watch a short snippet from the pilot and see how GOOD profiled the kindness of Barb as she volunteers to help Yazidi Waymakers find belonging in a new community.

Restoring Faith in Humanity

HumanKIND founder Angela Williams is an author, public speaker, philanthropist and Founder of Embrace UK, a charity working in the red-light districts of some of the UK’s most violent cities. Angela has a passion for demonstrating the power that love and kindness play in changing the world.

“I started this project to restore faith in the kindness in humanity,” she said, revealing the inspiration behind the show. “There’s so much good happening in the world, and we don’t get to hear about it.”

Angela has joined with GOOD to bring those stories to life. Each episode will highlight the selfless work of a volunteer from a charity, community group or not-for-profit in a way that encourages others by showcasing the power of kindness in action. The group the volunteer works with will also be featured as the avenue through which the profiled volunteer is empowered to make a difference.

Stories of Human Kindness

GOOD‘s Production Manager and the Creative Director of the project, Adam Niven said recently, “At GOOD we are all about positive viewing, that makes you feel good and I can’t wait to share more stories of human kindness: the way that the featured volunteers impact the communities they work with every day. We know that seeing these stories is going to be such a great experience for our viewers and is going to leave them feeling good about how they too can use kindness to change the world.”

GOOD is always on the lookout for exciting new projects that will inspire more good in the world. Projects that remind people to seek out goodness and kindness and restore their faith in humanity. And HumanKIND is the perfect example.

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A project like HumanKIND supports Australian film-makers producing uplifting and encouraging content that not only highlights the good in the world, but aims to inspire more good in others. This project is only possible because of the generous donations of GOOD‘s supporters.