Keeping the Kids Entertained at Home these Holidays

BY: Lacey Conner

Little ones often get bored, especially during extended school breaks. Adults commonly hear kids whine that they have nothing to do.

As a parent or guardian, you may have been in this predicament before and come up short. After absorbing the following, you can expect that scenario to no longer be a problem. There are tons of pleasurable, educational activities your sprouts can indulge in without heading outside.


Children have a natural inclination toward the sonic arts. Education specialists find that kids who learn an instrument are more literate than those that do not. Involvement in music has additional benefits, such as better abstract reasoning abilities and improved socialisation skills. Get your progeny excited to start playing by introducing them to a selection of your favourite artists. Another way of sparking enthusiasm is by gifting them a music-related app. When seeking a personal instrument instructor, ask the right questions to verify that the arrangement will be fruitful.


Watching positive films using apps like GOOD is a great way to keep the young ones entertained while at home. Not only does it make for some quality family time, but it also has the potential to teach them valuable life lessons. Films that emphasise faith and religion, hard work and resilience, kindness and compassion, honesty and respect provide powerful role models and show them how to make wise decisions in their daily lives. Even more importantly, it will give them the knowledge they need to develop social skills early on and build strong relationships amongst peers and adults alike.


Instrument lessons are inherently noisy affairs, which are anything but conducive to concentration. If you work from home, you need silence when career responsibilities are pressing. Budding minds typically adore digital media. Designate working hours as a time when they are allowed access to electronic diversions that are off-limits when you’re not on the clock. Whether they want to watch television, explore the web, or tap away at an app on your tablet, steer them toward educational content. In all likelihood, they won’t even know they’re learning. They’ll still crave these moments and leave you in peace so you can toil away uninterrupted.


With few exceptions, one being dance fitness games, electronic diversions do nothing to improve health. Follow sedentary activities with ones that involve movement. Frame exercise as a pleasurable pursuit rather than a chore. Do this by guiding kids toward playful exercises, a couple of examples being hopscotch and follow-the-leader. Another possibility is throwing a dance party, which can be a group activity with the potential to bring the entire family together.


While a dose of competition sometimes encourages kids to get sweating, other types of contests will also grab their attention. Toy stores are overflowing with board games aimed at younger demographics. Playing them is one way of creating cherished memories and presents the opportunity to demonstrate losing gracefully. Should you tire of off-the-shelf gaming options, create your own. Arts and crafts projects of this magnitude are a great way of encouraging creativity and strengthening planning abilities. Sweeten the appeal by helping them personalise their visions.


Once the day is over, it’s time for bed. Many parents read to boys and girls before declaring lights out. Those that don’t ought to remedy that by opening their minds to the universe of children’s literature. Research shows that reading to youth imparts valuable benefits in terms of brain development. Again, you aren’t limited by what’s commercially available. There are websites dedicated to helping young ones pen unique tales. Most importantly, this evening ritual allows parents to teach reading skills, giving preadolescents a valuable educational advantage.

Finding at-home pursuits for the smallest members of your clan doesn’t need to be a struggle. So many choices exist that the biggest obstacle may be deciding which to try first. Present a limited selection from which they may choose and allow the fun to commence.

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Feature Image: Photo by Kelli McClintock on Unsplash