New on GOOD: ‘A Marriage Made in Heaven’

BY: Sharon Fitness for GOOD.

New to GOOD in January is the feel-good family flick, A MARRIAGE MADE IN HEAVEN. Full of familiar faces and with an uplifting and encouraging storyline this GOOD premiere movie is one to pop into your watch-list this summer.

The story revolves around Demetri Chicopoulos (played by Robert Krantz who also wrote, produced and directed) who, as the movie opens, seems to be living a charmed life. He is the host of his hit, daytime talk show, Daytime with Demetri and has just been announced as Los Angeles ‘Person of the Year’. However, we soon learn that with the collapse of his marriage, the passing of his beloved mother, and distant children, Demetri’s life is more pain than charm.

In a lonely and prayerful moment, Demetri kneels by his mother’s grave. As he rises to his feet, he turns to see a man standing by a tree who, eventually, manages to convince Demetri that he is his Guardian Angel. He knows what Demetri was praying. He had asked God if he could just relive one week of his life he knows things would turn out differently. The Guardian Angel (played by Tom Arnold) tells Demetri that God heard his prayer – he will get to relive one week of his life. What happens next will change Demetri’s life forever.

An Unlikely Angel: Tom Arnold as ‘Johnny’

Demetri and Johnny the Angel travel back ten years. Demetri and wife Maria are still (mostly) happily married. Their children are young. His mother is still alive. Can Demetri fix the mistakes of his past and change the future?

As with any ‘time travel’ movie there does require quite the suspension of disbelief and ignoring of plot holes, but generally ‘A Marriage Made in Heaven’ is an unpretentious and enjoyable film with both laugh-out-loud and grab-the-tissues moments, likeable characters, great acting and charming storylines.

Robert Krantz as Demetri is affable and sympathetic and his portrayal of the lead character believable and relatable. With this film, Robert becomes the first person in film industry history to write, produce, direct, act in, dance in, edit and distribute a movie.

Krantz is a Greek-American (Krantz was shortened from Karountzos) who graduated from USC’s film school and eagle-eyed film buffs would recognise him from such successful movies as Back to the Future and Woman in Red. He has also been seen in TV movies (Billionaire Boys Club, Onassis) and sit-coms (Who’s the Boss?, Silver Spoons).

Robert Krantz with Michael J Fox in Back to the Future

Appearing with Krantz are Elisabeth Rohm as Demetri’s dedicated wife Maria. Maria has given up her dreams to devote herself to her husband and children, but at what cost? Rohm is recognisable from such TV shows as Angel, Law & Order and NCIS and appeared in the 2019 film Bombshell with Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron and Margot Robbie.

Comedian Tom Arnold plays Guardian Angel, Johnny and brings humour and warmth to the role. Arnold cornered the market in the 90s playing the resident comic relief in films like Nine Months with Hugh Grant, Julianne Moore, and Robin Williams, True Lies with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hero with Dustin Hoffman, and Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery with Mike Myers.

Unrecognisable: Connie Sellecca as Demetri’s mother

Totally UN-recognisable is Connie Sellecca (Gen-Xers will remember her from childhood favourite, The Greatest American Hero) as Demetri’s mum, but other familiar faces include Vivica A Fox (Independence Day, Kill Bill) as a tough-as-nails TV producer, comedy legend Paul Rodriguez as the Chicopoulos’ wise marriage counsellor and Kim Coles (Frasier, Six Feet Under) as their neighbour and Maria’s best friend.

A MARRIAGE MADE IN HEAVEN is a lighthearted film that asks some serious questions. Questions about what’s important in life and prioritising work, family, relationships, dreams, love and faith in ways that are sustainable, long-lasting and bring real meaning. There are messages about speaking positively into people’s lives and how the simplest acts of kindness and thoughtfulness can have future changing consequences. A MARRIAGE MADE IN HEAVEN is a film the whole family can enjoy together.

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About the Author: Sharon Fitness is a staff writer for GOOD. She’s a movie buff, TV fan, foodie and dog lover.

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