This Week in Hope Valley: Social Media Roundup Week 10

BY: Jenna Cecil for GOOD.

Hey everyone hope you’re all staying warm. I Can’t believe we are up to episode 10 already the time has flown by so quick. So with only 2 more episodes to go let’s see what our cast have been up too this week.

Erin Krakow (Elizabeth Thatcher Thornton)

Erin took to Instagram for her annual SPS moment and to let us know to keep the tissues handy. Looks like it’s going to be a sad one folks!

Inline image
Kavan Smith (Lee Coulter)

I agree with Kavan’s statement ‘How could I not post this?’

Inline image
Johannah Newmarch (Molly Sullivan)

I’m loving the new outfit too Johannah. Pretty in Blue.

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Andrea Brooks (Faith Carter)

Another reminder from Andrea on Instagram that tissues will be needed for this episode. Looks like there will be plenty of crying!

Inline image
Martin Cummins (Henry Gowen)

You can never go wrong with a Black & White photo including this one of the wonderful Martin Cummins

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Jaeda Lily Miller (Allie Grant)

Just some wonderful BTS moments from Jaeda this week. You can always count on Jaeda for some fun BTS shots!

Inline image

Jail Break! This photo seems oddly familiar don’t you think?

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You can always count on some Giggles and smiles from these two.

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Chloe McKinnon (Lily Watson)

Chloe took to Instagram to share this photo of herself and some real life Disney Princesses. Beautiful smiles of some beautiful ladies!

Inline image

Hope you all enjoyed. See you all next week for more! Only 2 episodes to go!

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About the Author: Jenna is 39 years old and runs the Erin Krakow Aussie Fan page on Facebook and the Erin Krakow Australian Fan pages on Instagram (@erinkrakowausfan) and Twitter (@erinkrakowaufan). Jenna has been a First time Auntie for the past 8 months to her niece Peitah and is absolutely loving it. She loves all animals and in her spare moments (when she’s not working or watching WCTH) she spends time with her family.