When Calls the Heart of Something New

BY: Rach Kayrooz for GOOD.

The beer mugs at the Saloon are clanging in celebration, as Hickam runs the ginger ale post mix dry – season 11 is on its way!

Aussie Hearties are keeping calm, whilst a few of our fellow overseas groupies are getting their bloomers in a knot over the latest promo pic featuring Nathan and Elizabeth.  Were they not watching season 10? Lucas is soooo last season! 

The premiere is less than 7 weeks away on April 12 (5 days after the US, so stay off their group chats, Aussie Hearties – no spoilers!)  At first, I had to check this wasn’t an early April fool’s joke.  Then set 15 reminders in my phone calendar.  We’ve been starved long enough of the ‘will they or won’t they?’ debacle over Natbeth (I decided to ship them together, it’s only fitting).

Sharon at GOOD was cheeky and gave us a sneak preview, albeit from a safe distance, of our favourite detectives, Rosemary and Bill (whatever could they be snooping around for this time? Perhaps who is designing Madeline’s exquisite wardrobe?)  Alas, there weren’t enough clues for us to know any details.  So, we’re consumed with following Brian Bird and all the cast on socials, waiting for some hints (hint hint, if you’re reading this, Brian!)

Whilst Team Nathan (Natbeth) are rockin’ their crocs over what we suspect may be some romance this season, Team Lucas (Lucbeth) are mopping up tears with their leftover Valentine’s choccie wrappers, and holding out hope for a change of heart. 

Uh, remember the cliffhanger?! 

We know Lucas just HAD to survive whatever attack happened, to save Hope Valley from the baddies!  Let’s hope his contract with Hallmark is for the long haul, because though we may sit on either team, and detest the love triangle, there’s something addictive about Elizabeth still having two potential suitors in the wings.  It must be something in the Hope Valley town water.

Hallmark have announced a few nuggets in The Valley Voice, referencing Elizabeth’s “fresh start, complete with romance, challenges, and new style. Elizabeth and Nathan’s storyline will continue, as they’ll navigate their growing romantic feelings, while also leaning on each other amid parenting obstacles.”

Additionally, “elsewhere, Lucas must confront his past in order to lead Hope Valley into the future, while Bill and Rosemary team up to unravel a mystery putting their entire community at risk.”

However, numerous questions remain:
  • Will we finally see Faith free from porting luggage around the streets?
  • Will Carson return, if only to hear all the single ladies swoon?
  • Who attacked Lucas?
  • Will Clara and Jesse make an appearance?
  • Will Elizabeth sell her wig on FB marketplace?

Will we see Henry visiting with Abigail, and who will the new Abigail be?

Did Henry really miss Abigail’s cooking that much?
  • Will Hickam finally find love with Mei, and cancel his dating app subscription?
  • Will Minnie change Abigail’s to Minnie’s, and sign a franchise agreement to have one in every city?

Will Rosie and Lee gain enough Insta followers to have a baby clothing company sponsor Goldie, so she actually has clothes?

And the burning question on everyone’s mind, will Nathan’s dog ever get groomed?

Entrepreneurial Fiona is opening a dog grooming salon.

Thanks to Hope Valley’s Tik Tok account, I just discovered the actor for Goldie is a baby boy.  Perhaps that explains the lack of pink baby dresses at the Coulter house?

I’m off to print “do not disturb” signs for April 12.  One can never be too early in preparing for a WCTH premiere!

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When Calls the Heart season 11 will premiere on April 12 at 7:30pm AEST.

About the Author: Rach is an AACTA Award-winning writer, emerging producer, and tv/film content creator, with a background in social and human rights advocacy. A classically-trained vocalist and proud mum of a singer/songwriter/musician (and a rescue dog), she continues to teach singing professionally and rock 90s dance moves in a non-professional capacity. In the brief moments between raising awareness for accessibility and inclusion for people with disability, Rach dreams of travel to faraway places (like Paris and Vancouver). A former theatre and film actor, these days Rach is an award-winning speaker, currently working on pre-production for her documentary FND: Not My Story, and reality tv show Facing the Fear.

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Feature Image: When Calls the Heart promotional content from GOOD.