“When Calls the Mic”: A Karaoke Night at the Saloon

BY: Sharon Fitness for GOOD.

Welcome to a special edition of WHEN CALLS THE HEART where the beloved residents of Hope Valley swap their usual evening activities for a microphone and a spotlight. That’s right, folks – it’s Karaoke Night at the saloon!

But did you hear that Molly has petitioned Mayor Lee to tighten the noise restrictions in town? Whatever is she thinking? So while we still can, let’s dive into the songbook and see which tunes our Hope Valley friends would belt out, turning the saloon into the liveliest spot in town. Beyond the daily hustle and the occasional drama, our beloved townsfolk find community and joy in melodies that resonate with their journeys and these songs are the perfect echoes of their stories.

Elizabeth – “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri

Elizabeth, with her timeless love story, would pick a song that resonates with the depth of her feelings. “A Thousand Years” captures her enduring love and patience, echoing her journey of loss, love, and the promise of forever. With every note, the room would fall silent, hanging onto her heartfelt performance.

Nathan – “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias

Our stoic Mountie, Nathan, would undoubtedly lean towards “Hero”. This song not only reflects his protective nature but also his (as yet) unspoken vow to always be there for Elizabeth and her son. His rendition might start off shy, but by the chorus, Nathan’s true feelings would shine through, earning him a round of applause from the crowd…and maybe a slow dance with Elizabeth at the end of the evening.

Lucas – “Feeling Good” by Michael Bublé

Lucas, with his charming and mysterious demeanour, would opt for “Feeling Good” by everyone’s favourite Canadian crooner. This classic, with its smooth vibes and confident lyrics, perfectly matches Lucas’s sophistication and optimistic outlook on life. As he croons, you can bet the saloon would be swaying in unison, mesmerised by his performance. The double meaning of the song is not lost on anyone. He’s feeling better, both physically and emotionally.

Rosemary – “Don’t Rain on My Parade” by Barbra Streisand

Rosemary, the town’s bundle of energy and optimism, would go for a broadway belter that would not only highlight her vocal stylings, but get the audience going. With her showmanship and unwavering enthusiasm, she’d turn the song into a performance, complete with gestures and all the dramatic flair of a musical theatre show-stopper.

Lee – “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond

Lee, ever the entertainer and community man, would pick “Sweet Caroline” for its universal appeal and sing-along quality. His rendition would be less about vocal prowess and more about bringing the community together, echoing “so good, so good, so good” as glasses clink and everyone joins in. Ah, I can hear it now.

Bill – “I Walk the Line” by Johnny Cash

Bill Avery, the embodiment of law, order, and a touch of mystery, would surprise everyone with “I Walk the Line.” This song mirrors his deep sense of duty and his personal code of ethics. Bill’s gravelly tones would lend authenticity to the performance, reminding everyone of his steadfastness, the town’s own metaphorical man in black.

Faith: “Brave” by Sara Bareilles

Faith, the town’s compassionate doctor, has faced her share of challenges, from professional dilemmas to matters of the heart. Her song choice, “Brave,” reflects her inner journey towards finding her voice and the courage to follow her dreams and ambitions. As she stands on the makeshift stage, her rendition is more than just a performance; it’s a declaration of her resolve to live authentically and encourage others to do the same.

Florence: “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor

Florence, with her resilience and transformation from a grieving widow to a pillar of the community, embodies the spirit of “I Will Survive.” This disco anthem, with its themes of empowerment and overcoming adversity, mirrors Florence’s own path to self-discovery and independence. Her performance, possibly starting as a solemn ode, would quickly escalate into a full-blown, dance-inducing number, reminding everyone of her unbreakable spirit.

The Canfield Family: “We Are Family” by Sister Sledge

The Canfields, relatively new to Hope Valley, have already left a mark with their unity and warmth. “We Are Family” is a perfect ensemble piece for them, emphasizing the strength they draw from each other and their open-hearted embrace of the community. As they share the stage, their harmonious rendition symbolizes their journey of finding a home in Hope Valley, and the joy they find in new beginnings.

Molly: “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper

Molly, the town’s gossip with a heart of gold, couldn’t help but join in the fun. All thoughts of tightening the noise restrictions will go out the window and she would inevitably take the stage and belt out “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”. This choice reflects her spirited personality and her knack for finding, or creating, moments of levity even in the toughest times. Molly’s performance would be a spectacle of cheer, inviting laughter and dance, and reminding everyone of the importance of joy and camaraderie.

Ah, what a night! As each person takes the stage, Karaoke Night transforms from a simple gathering to a celebration where the heart and soul of Hope Valley are on full display. Through their song choices, the characters share pieces of their journey, drawing the community closer and leaving everyone with melodies that linger in their hearts long after the last note fades.

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