D2 Satellite decommission | March 31, 2023

At GOOD, we know it’s not always easy to understand the tech talk behind the various ways you can watch GOOD. This page will help you determine what you need to do if you’ve been affected by the end of the Optus D2 Satellite Stream. 

Why has this happened?

Optus provided the D2 Satellite stream for use by broadcasters across Australia and New Zealand from 2007. This service enabled viewers to access GOOD’s Live broadcast via a satellite dish and set-top box installed in their homes. Unfortunately, Optus decommissioned the satellite on March 31, 2023. This means that GOOD, along with a range of other broadcasters, are now no longer available to watch via this satellite service.

As GOOD is committed to its vision to be available for free for all viewers, GOOD has not been able to transition to another satellite service like VAST or Intelsat 19 which required significant investment. We will instead continue to improve the technology needed to get GOOD into even more homes around the country, using a number of other streaming services and content delivery options.

For most of our viewers, this change has had no impact, and these viewers are able to continue to watch GOOD in the same way they always have. For viewers who were only watching GOOD via a Satellite connection however, alternative viewing methods will need to be determined.

These viewers HAVE been impacted by this change and are no longer able to use their set-top boxes to watch GOOD.

  • You’re been watching via an Instal-Life Satellite connection:
    • you have an “Instal-life” branded remote & a box connected to your TV
    • you may have organised your connection through: mychristiantv.com.au
    • you receive emails/mail from Instal-Life
    • you may be contributing with monthly payments to Instal-life’s Missions Plan subscription service.
  • You have had a satellite dish and set-top box installed by an electrician or TV installer.
  • You have purchased a satellite dish and set-top box from an electronics retailer and installed these yourself.

This change HAS NOT impacted these viewers:

  • You’re watching via a Foxtel Subscription
    • you have a “Foxtel” branded remote & a box connected to your TV
    • you receive the Foxtel Magazine/Program Guide in your mail
    • you receive regular billing from Foxtel
  • You’re watching via FetchTV
    • you have a “Fetch” branded remote & box connected to your TV
    • you may have arranged Fetch as part of your internet bundle or bought the Fetch box from an electronics store
  • You’re watching online using watchgood.com or feelgood.watchgood.com in your internet browser.
  • You’re watching via the GOOD App on a Smart TV, Apple TV, Smartphone or Tablet 

What to do if these changes have impacted you and you are no longer able to watch GOOD:

There are many ways you can still enjoy watching GOOD. Some options include:

  • Download the free GOOD app on your Android-enabled smart TV or Apple TV device. This is the easiest way to access everything you love on GOOD. Simply search the app store on your smart TV for GOOD, download, sign in and enjoy.
  • Purchase a Chromecast with Google TV. These cost-effective, easy-to-install devices connect to the internet and turn any TV into an Android smart TV via a standard HDMI connection. This gives you easy access to the free GOOD app right on your TV. Find out more and purchase one here. Here’s an article that explains more about Chromecast with Google TV devices. Click HERE.
  • Get a Fetch set-top box. You may be able to organise with your internet service provider to add a Fetch box to your account or purchase one from an electronics retailer. A Fetch box is very similar to a satellite set-top box, giving you access to free-to-air channels and other streaming providers all in one easy-to-use package. Getting GOOD on your Fetch box is free and can be easily activated anytime. Visit www.fetchtv.com.au to find out more. Here’s an article that explains more about Fetch. Click HERE.
  • Another option we can recommend for a comprehensive, premium, subscription tv service that will provide a similar experience to the familiar set-top-box operation is FOXTEL. Foxtel is an all-in-one entertainment service with sport, dramas, movies, lifestyle channels and more, including GOOD and Daystar, all within one interface. It’s an easy way to find and watch the things you love including GOOD which is included in the basic signup package. Foxtel also have options for those with limited internet. Here’s an article that gives more information about Foxtel. Click HERE.
  • Check out all the other ways you can watch GOOD here

If you are still not sure what to do to stay connected to GOOD, email [email protected] or give us a call on 07 5478 1399.