De-mystifying connecting to GOOD.

BY: Sharon Fitness for GOOD.

Technology is wonderful! Chatting to someone on the other side of the world in an instant. Buying whatever you want with the click of a button. Watching your favourite movie over and over again. Catching up on an episode of When Calls the Heart because you had a meeting at school and couldn’t get home in time. All of these things are so easy now… as long as you know what you’re doing, right?

Maybe you’re used to ‘appointment’ television, tuning in at a certain, specific time to watch a tv show, and the world of streaming channels is very mysterious to you. For those who have only ever watched on a big rectangular box in the corner of the lounge room, the idea of an ‘app’ on your phone seems ludicrous right? Or maybe you have managed to download the app on your phone, or you watch on your laptop, but wish you could watch it on your TV. Hopefully we can help de-mystify some of these processes and give you the information you need to get connected to GOOD in a way that is easy and satisfies your viewing needs.


There are many ways you can enjoy watching movies, series, docos and more on GOOD, both LIVE and ON DEMAND. LIVE refers to the regular traditional linear broadcast. This is also called the LIVE STREAM. The LIVE broadcast is watched on Foxtel, channel 182, on Fetch, or via the live stream on our website, tv or mobile apps.

ON DEMAND refers to the content like movies, episodes of When Calls the Heart, kids shows, music, whatever you feel like watching, that you can find in the library of content available on the app. Foxtel also has some GOOD ON DEMAND content (mainly movies and limited series). You simply click on it and watch it right away.

Content is available to watch ON DEMAND in line with its licensing limitations. Some movies or series are available to watch for several years. Others are on ‘catch up’ only, which means they’re available to watch for up to 4 weeks after they air on the broadcast. For example, When Calls the Heart is a catch up program and so episodes are available to watch after their first airing for 4 weeks and then they expire, until the next time we air them. We try and air the programs in repeat as often as we can, so that the episodes are available as much as possible.

Ways to Watch on your TV

Downloading the app from the app store is the most easy and convenient way to have access to GOOD anytime, anywhere on your phone, tablet or computer, but if you’re keen to watch on the big screen, in your lounge room, there are several options, depending on the technology you have. For most of them you’re going to need the internet, and wifi set up in your home. If you have a really good mobile data plan and excellent connectivity, it is possible to use your phone data too, of course.

Option 1. You have a compatible SMART TV -> Download the GOOD app right on to your TV.

Download the free GOOD app on your Android smart TV. This is the easiest way to access everything you love on GOOD. Simply search the app store on your smart TV for GOOD, download, sign in and enjoy. TVs must have FULL android and have the ‘Google Play’ store to be able to download the Google TV app. Brands that have the Google Play store include Sony and TCL. Some others also in some models. We have a brand new Tizen smart tv app as well. Tizen Operating Systems are in Samsung, Bauhn and Akai TVs. Click HERE to find out more about the new Tizen app.

Option 2. You don’t have a compatible smart TV, but you do have good internet -> Download the GOOD app onto a device plugged into your TV.

One device we highly recommend is a Chromecast with Google TV. This is better and more advanced than simple Chromecast dongles, that you used to cast content from your mobile device or computer to the tv. These cost-effective, easy-to-install devices connect to the internet and turn any TV into an Android smart TV via a standard ‘HDMI’ connection. (That’s one of the inputs on the back or side of your TV.) This gives you easy access to the free GOOD app right on your TV. Find out more and purchase one here. Here’s an article that explains more about Chromecast with Google TV devices. Click HERE.

We also have an APPLE TV app, if you have one of these (for generation 4 and above). Simply head to the app store and download.

Option 3. Your telecommunications provider has FETCH included in a phone/internet bundle.

Get a Fetch set-top box. You may be able to organise with your internet service provider to add a Fetch box to your account or purchase one from an electronics retailer. A Fetch box gives you access to free-to-air channels and other streaming providers all in one easy-to-use package. Getting GOOD on your Fetch box is free and can be easily activated anytime. Visit www.fetchtv.com.au to find out more. Here’s an article that explains more about Fetch. Click HERE.

Option 4. You like the idea of more subscription TV including sport, movies, lifestyle

Another option for a comprehensive, premium, subscription tv service that will provide a very simple set-top-box operation is FOXTEL. Foxtel is an all-in-one entertainment service with sport, dramas, movies, lifestyle channels and more, including GOOD and Daystar, all within one interface. It’s an easy way to find and watch the things you love including GOOD which is included in the basic signup package. Foxtel also have options for those with limited internet. Here’s an article that gives more information about Foxtel. Click HERE.

Check out all the other ways you can watch GOOD here. We hope this has helped give some more information about connecting to GOOD and that you can find a way to watch that meets your needs.