Find the Differences

Look carefully at these two pictures of the children and the tourists enjoying the hot springs. Well, the tourists enjoying them and the children looking on in dismay. In episode six, the children are challenged to come up with an idea to solve their problem of feeling like they never get a chance to enjoy Hope Springs anymore.

Write your answers in the ‘comments’ section – its hidden so nobody will see your reply. Next week we’ll reveal who was the first to find them all.

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Original Image: When Calls the Heart promotional content from GOOD.

10 responses to “Find the Differences”

  1. Emily Jauchius Avatar
    Emily Jauchius

    Blue tie vs yellow tie
    Pink ribbon on hat vs blue ribbon on hat
    Angelas stick or towel red vs white or light
    Red bike vs aqua bike
    Stripes on mans top one has less stripe on it.

  2. Heather Leigh Avatar
    Heather Leigh

    Guy back left….different colored ties , pink lady…one pink ribbon one blue , red on bike, blue on other , Angela, something red on arm, different size stripes on front guys bathers , extra tree in top Centre, more yellow flowers in front of kids second pic, one white sock Angela top pic, black on bottom ,rock missing front right top pic,

  3. Yvonne Coath Avatar
    Yvonne Coath

    Hat band on top is pink in top picture and blue in bottom picture.
    More stripes in bathing suit in top picture.
    Whatever Angela is holding is a different colour in top picture, red in bottom picture.
    1st seated Gent’s tie is blue in top picture and yellow in bottom picture.
    Something near the bikes is red in top picture and blue in bottom picture.
    More of Angela’s leg is visible in bottom picture.

  4. Nadia Avatar

    1. Black stripes missing on man in water at front.
    2. Rock missing in top pic in the bottom R HAND CORNER.
    3. Hat ribbon – Blue / Pink
    4. Bike – Red / Aqua Blue
    5. Red item (boat?! Toy?!) On blind gal’s arm.
    6. Bubbles/ reflection missing in the water near the guy with the red ribboned hat.

  5. Nadia Avatar

    Missed one!
    7. The gentleman’s tie… yellow / blue stripe.

  6. Nadia Avatar

    #8 White sock above black boot on blind gal.

  7. Stephanie McBurney Avatar
    Stephanie McBurney

    Colour of tie on man sitting in chair changes from blue to yellow.
    Colour of bow on hat changes from pink to blue.
    Colour of bike behind woman’s shoulder changes from red to blue.
    Object attached to Angela’s cane changes to orange/red.
    Angela’s sock becomes white.
    Rock appears behind man’s head next to pool.
    Fewer blue stripes on man in front’s blue and white striped costume (at shoulder).
    Bubbles appear near man in boater hat’s chest.

  8. Nadia Burrage Avatar

    1) Stripes on man in front
    2) Rock missing in top pic near bottom R corner
    3) water around the guy the kids find a compromise with.
    4) Blue vs Pink ribbon on ladies hat
    5) red bike vs blue aqua bike
    6) Blind gal carrying a towel vs a red thing
    7) Blind Gals socks/boots
    8) Man’s tie yellow vsBlue Stripe
    9) Yellow flowers near kids, a lot missing in one pic.
    10) The Tree landscape all looks slightly lighter in one pic compared to the other.

  9. Emily Jauchius Avatar
    Emily Jauchius

    Angelas towel
    Red and aqua bike
    Pink and blue bow on hat
    Blue and yellow tie on man
    Stripe missing on swimmers theres 2 stripes missing so not sure if its classed as 1 or 2.
    Rock missing bottom right corner
    Angela has no sock on
    Yellow flowers in front of the kids
    Tree behind hickam not as noticeable.

  10. Debbie Wurzbacher Avatar

    1. Man in foreground pool has large striped togs.
    2. Man in yellow chair has yellow tie.
    3. Lady in pink has blue bow on hat.
    4. Bicycle behind lady has blue framework on it.
    5. Angela has red on her towel.
    6. Angela has black socks.
    7. Small rock added to foreground on the right.
    8. Tree missing from behind Mike.
    9. More yellow flowers added near Angela & Cooper.
    10. Mike’s wheelbarrow is missing.

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