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We’ve got more of our awesome ‘stay connected to GOOD’ prize packs which include a thumb drive, car charger, power pack and speaker in a cute little travel case. Everything you need to make sure you can keep watching your favourite GOOD show, wherever you are. We have 10 to give away!

So all you creatives out there, it’s your turn to shine. Get your creative juices flowing and show us what you’ve got! Motivated by Allie’s poetry writing in episode 1, we thought we’d have a go at some Hope Valley inspired poetry.

Here’s Allie’s poem, as read by Elizabeth at the first town dinner:

Carpe Diem

Carpe diem and seize the day,
So the ancient poets say.

We have this moment so make it count
Never mind when troubles mount.

We’ll help each other through thick and thin
Blessed to have the moment we’re in.

So we thought we’d have a go at some Hope Valley inspired poetry too.

Hope Valley’s Embrace

In Hope Valley’s embrace, a haven so dear,
Where laughter and love, forever draw near.
With scenic horizons and friendships so strong,
In each passing season, we all truly belong.

The school bell’s sweet chime, a symbol of grace,
As Miss Thatcher’s wisdom, lights up each face.
The courage to dream, to learn and to grow,
With Hope Valley’s heart, our spirits glow.

The bustling town square, with shops side by side,
Where hope blooms anew, with each ebbing tide.
In Joseph’s sermons, and love pure and true,
In Hope Valley’s embrace, our hearts find their cue.

Through trials and triumphs, this town stands tall,
In Hope Valley’s warm arms, we cherish it all.
With faith as our compass, and love as our guide,
In this place called Hope Valley, we forever abide.

Nawww, not too shabby!

Maybe art is more your thing. Drawing, painting, photoshop, sculpture, diamond art, crochet, calligraphy – the options are endless. Maybe you’d like to write a poem or story, or a joke, or even a song? A Hope Valley inspired recipe or sewing project? Come on, have a go. We know you’ve got it in you!

How about a Goldie inspired crochet bonnet?

So let your imagination run wild! We can’t wait to see how talented you all are and what you come up with. Enter your creative writing below, or tell us about your creation and upload a pic. Celebrate the end of a wonderful season with GOOD. Competition ends after the final episode.

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Max. file size: 2 MB.

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